3G-network technology for household appliances

Get details concerning advanced running force in modern world telecommunication.

3g-technology3G is the newest technology in the field of mobile connection. 3G-network means that the telephone is in possession of the third generation. First generation is analogue mobile phones, second – digital. 3G technology is used in multimedia mobile telephones, which are usually called smartphones. Such telephones have several diapasons and high-speed data transmission. From this article you can learn about 3G-network service functions as telecommunication great solution.

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What is 3G-technology and its standards?

3G technology uses several mobile standards. The most wide spread and popular among them are the following three:

  • CDMA2000 – is supposed to be a further development of CDMA One second generation;
  • WCDMA – Wideband Code Division Multiple Access. It is a technology of radio interface chosen by the biggest number of operators of cell network for wide-range radio access with purpose of 3G service support;
  • TD-SCDMA – Time Division — Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access. It is a Chinese standard of network of third generation.

For sure 3G network can transmit tele data with speed of 3 M per second (that is why for downloading of MP3 song with 3 minutes duration you will need only 15 seconds). For comparison you can take mobile telephones of the second generation – the fastest 2G Internet can reach the speed of data transmission up to 144 Kb per second (for downloading of 3 minute MP3 song you will need up to 8 hours).

High speed 3G data transmission is simply ideal for downloading of information from Internet, sending and receiving large multimedia files. 3G-telephones are to some extend mini laptops, which can work with huge applications, for example, receiving of current video from Internet, sending and receiving faxes and downloading of email messages from application.

3g-network for telecommunication

You should know that while being in car mobile internet can work slower than while going on feet. Battery of smartphone with 3G-network will run out faster than usual one.

Every day, several millions of new devices in the world are being connected. It is not just about smartphones, tablets and all sorts of gadgets, which are driven by man. Cars, counters, refrigerators and even kettles with coffee machines are becoming full-fledged Internet users. They teach their owners to save time and money.

Machine ways of connections

According to Gartner, in the next year the total number of networked devices in the world will reach 6.4 billion. By 2020 it will increase to 20.8 billion. Technology is also learning to "communicate" - exchange information without human intervention. Most communication between machines (Machine-to-Machine, M2M) is on mobile channels. Devices are equipped with a special SIM-cards that are connected with each other wirelessly, even if they are at a distance.

In some areas M2M has already found massive use. For example, in the financial sector, where an ATM runs out of money, it sends a notification to the bank. The same goes with machine that makes coffee – if there are no ingredients. This greatly simplifies maintenance of such equipment and makes its use more comfortable.

But the situation is not limited with only some machines. For instance, with SIM-cards tied to bank accounts or mobile, or equipped car. This special equipment for toll roads can automatically withdraw money for travel, while not taking time from the driver.

The company Vodafone, which analytical agency Analysys Mason for four consecutive years calls the best M2M operator in the world, is offering the "box" solution for cars. Vodafone SIM-card enables vehicle to get access to the Internet and allows you watching streaming video on the monitors installed in the cabin. For mobile network information about traffic jams can be pulled to device.

The house that entered network

Studies from another GfK company show, that the user's attention is drawn to the possibilities of mobile technology in "smart homes." In the US, for example, 51% of users believe that among all technologies "smart home" has most impact on their living standards.

The most important element for them is lighting system and electricity consumption in the home. This is, for example, "smart" counters that help save electricity. To do this, all appliances are equipped with sensors that collect information on energy consumption. The system captures it and determines which of the devices can be disabled.

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