The importance and profit of a virtual phone number use

Get aquainted with virtual telephone numbers beneficial odds and preferences  

The fast development of the modern technologies gives rules and sets conditions to all the people who want to go with the times. Nowadays an entrepreneur has to be not only informed about all the economic conditions, know management principles and tax system, but also react instantly to all the appearing changes. The process of talking takes one of the most important places in the business management. While agreements and contracts are usually signed on conferences, new contracts are concluded and new customers are attracted, comprehensive technical support is carried out with the help of phone calls. That is why it is so important to organize the process of corporate communication.

There is no doubt that the purchase of a virtual phone number is the right way to improve your company work and prosperity in general. Especially this service is very useful for those companies who try to get into the international market and attract foreign customers. By means of a virtual direct phone number you will open new boundaries for your business development and your own telephonic system will be improved according to the new IP-technologies.

The main advantages of virtual DID VoIP phone numbers

• Significant reduction of international and intercity call rates which is motivated by using IP-network. So when a user calls he does not use traditional telephonic network. Moreover the quality of connection remains as high-quality as it was before, while it does not depend on distance the signal is send through;
• A brilliant opportunity to set up call forwarding to a landline, local or a cell phone, IP-telephone or SIP-account. Moreover call forwarding to GTalk and SIP will be free of charge, while forwarding to a landline or a cell phone will be charged at low rates;
• Another excellent opportunity to widen boundaries of product markets and attract new customers. If you purchase a certain phone number which belongs to a certain country where you want to open your office, you can create your company image in a chosen region or city. A potential customer who calls on this number will have no idea that your company is located in another country;
• While a number is not tied to one telephone device or SIM-card, it is not necessary to buy expensive equipment for your office, assignment of additional telephone lines or expansion of telecommunication system. Moreover a virtual direct phone number remains the same even if you change your actual address or office location. You save your money which could have been spent on telephony transfers from one office to another. There is no need to inform people about the office change;
• One of the functions which are typical for virtual numbers is the ability to get huge amounts of telephone calls simultaneously, as this number is considered to be multichannel. Besides some numbers already have several channels. The number of channels usually reaches from 3 to 5, but it can be corrected, reduced or multiplied by purchasing this service and assignment of new virtual channels. If you use such a phone number, your line will never be busy. Flexible routing will enable you to divert calls to the necessary appointed directions;
• By means of VoIP number you can connect all numbers into one, which will connect all the phone numbers in your company, its offices and branches. This solution is optimal and effective for your business. For example you make promotions, deliver printed production such as booklets, catalogues, calendars, where the one common number will be provided. So it will not be difficult for your subscribers to memorize it.

All these functions will give you unquestionable advantages with the help of virtual telephone number connection and usage. You will get a high-quality connection and professional technical support by our specialists. No sense to hesitate, just get a virtual phone number and try all the advantages by yourself.

Procedure of order VoIP facilities from Freezvon

Following clicks will permit  to obtain virtual VoIP numbers in very short period. Just mind some instructions:

1. Sign up to Freezvon official website;

2. Put some money to balance;

3. Pick suitable parameters;

4. Ordering needed feature.

When there is a hesitation in several moments, just contact technical specialists from support department via Skipe, email, live chat or by phone number.