Benefits and advantages of VoIP telephony with virtual numbers

In order to cheap out on talks with subscribers who are somewhere abroad many people learned to use personal computer for such purposes. This simple variant of connection does not need setting of additional facilities to your computer. A lot of different situations exist when a person needs to contact someone who is on the territory of another state. Most people in such case use mobile phones and commercial roaming service which is very convenient but costs much. Not everyone can afford such service for himself. You can also use IP telephony to save your money and see all advantages of VoIP telephony with virtual numbers .

 So what does make VoIP telephony profitable for business? First of all, it helps in a meaningful way to economize both in organization and supporting corporate telephone network and save on telephone talks. After connection of our IP-telephony expenses on telephone connection are reducing immediately. It has become possible because people stopped paying money to specialists who are responsible for their telephone networks and also buying complicated telecommunication equipment for this purpose.

Secondly, VoIP telephony can be useful for contemporary commercial activity, an integral part of which are telephone negotiations – optimization of business processes. Thus telecommunication solutions from Freezvon are created with purpose not to miss any incoming call and make everything possible to track and process that very call on a high level. This is for today a very important component of success of any commercial organization.

Thirdly, VoIP telephony is an opportunity to quickly set virtual telephone in the office and dynamically organize multi-functional corporate telephone network of any size.  Virtual IP PBX is currently one of the most highly demanded services from Creation of virtual office can significantly ease calls processing and tracking and arrange better work.

According to the purpose of VoIP telephony usage, advantages can differentiate. But we will try to combine all of them for you to understand. So advantages of VoIP telephony with virtual numbers are the following:

  1. There is an opportunity not to be bound to a certain location, territory, physical address. This is actually the main benefit and the reason why people use service of IP telephony. You do not need to travel to another city or even country to communicate with someone, you can forget about business trips which take so much time and create great conditions for stress. That is all in the past;
  2. We provide a possibility to honorably enter international market. Just imagine that people from around the world will be your clients and will share information about your company in other countries. This is an excellent chance to earn more money and broaden the quantity of your current customers.
  3. Remember that IP telephony does not need any additional equipment and no SIM-cards for communication. If talking about traditional telephones, there is a high necessity to set lines which takes a lot of time and money because this service is not cheap for today;
  4. Setting VoIP telephony you will experience connection of the highest quality. No exaggerations. Without any doubts you will see how easy and simple it works nevertheless in what country you are at the moment.
  5. is a provider which offers services of VoIP telephony with virtual numbers for extremely low rates. We also advise you to use your chance and  look through the list of all countries and choose the one you really need;
  6. Ability to get multichannel virtual phone number. This option is available to everyone. Such numbers are very useful and convenient in call centers where lines are usually loaded and clients cannot normally process and track incoming calls. To avoid this problem you can simply implement multichannel number in your office;
  7. A great number of countries are provided to out customers. You can be sure that on our site you will certainly find a country in which you need a number. We try to satisfy all clients and permanently add more and more possible locations for the sake of convenience;
  8. A possibility to set a lot of additional phone services which are really very helpful in work. Among them we can mention conditional call forwarding , conference call , hold music , greeting messages, voicemail , black and white lists, IVR , call recording , call history , click to call , call back, SMS and bulk SMS sending, additional lines set up and finally virtual IP PBX;
  9. You can be sure – our virtual numbers work without errors and are stable. We provide our customers with an opportunity to buy virtual numbers for very LOW rates. It is a good chance to  save your money and enjoy communication;
  10. Readiness to help any time. We have round the clock technical support. The staff is very qualified, educated and knowledgeable. You can contact them when you have questions or problems and they will help you.

If you want to experience all those advantages you need to buy a virtual phone number from us and ask for additional services for better communication.

How to buy virtual number?

The process of purchase of number that you choose is simple for users of our site. No difficulties will be met by you while this procedure. Just make sure you follow exactly all steps given below:

  1. Register on;
  2. Put money on account;
  3. Order needed number.

But if the situation when you do not understand something appears – our technical support team will do everything possible and make maximum efforts to solve problem or answer your question. Technical staff is online 24/7.