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Algerian virtual DID number helping to maintain relations with people from everywhere

Virtual number for callsAlgeria is a state in North Africa. We provide a possibility to talk to Algerians there with Algeria number. This country has received its independence from France on the 5th of July in 1962. Arabic is an official language and people their still speak it. Algiers is the capital of this country and sounds almost like country name. Country name was created due to small islands nearby the capital of port city Algiers. About 85% of country territory is given to Sahara desert.

There is a great possibility to unite some principal VoIP services. It’s called IP PBX system presented as a package of options for telecommunication. Pick some of them right now: history of calls, recording of calls, SIP-accounts, numbers for free conversations, salutation message. Costs for installation and usage are here .

On the North Algeria is bounded by Mediterranean Sea, on the East it has borders with Tunisia and Libya, on the South it has such neighbors as Mali and Niger, on the West it shares borders with Mauritania, West Sahara and Morocco. Algeria is considered to be African gates in Europe. It had been suffering from numerous wars and even now is in quarrels about its territories.

What is Algerian virtual number and its working sides?

It will look like an ordinary local or mobile number of Algeria but with this you can be far away from this location. Algerian DID number works thanks to diverting of calls, SMS and fax to appropriate destination. It means that all inbound calls to you will be redirected to this virtual number. It works without SIM-cards or additional appliances. No physical binding to location matters.

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More about costs you can learn here.

Variety of VoIP numbers from Freezvon

Our company presents so many facilities for utilization, just learn some of them. They are for:

  • Calls (redirecting to SIP, Skype, IP-telephone etc.);
  • SMS (messages go to email, mobile);
  • Calls and SMS;
  • Fax (go to email only);
  • Calls and fax;
  • Toll free numbers (capacity for subscribers to call free to such number);
  • Multichannel numbers (supplementary lines).

Selection of additional telephone services for virtual number

Except from Algerian number, we offer to set additional systems and services. You can look through all of them and see what you really need to connect. This will certainly improve your communication with Algerian virtual phone number.

  • Voicemail – leave voice messages, when a number is busy or unanswered;
  • Click to call – a button for website making immediate calls;
  • Hold a music – order melody instead of annoying telephonic toots;
  • Call back – a special function working thanks to the left requests about calls in return;
  • Conditional call forwarding – this kind of redirection depends on time limits, date etc.;
  • Call recording – you may record necessary information from calls thanks to this function;
  • Cheap SIP or VoIP calls – dial to foreign countries cheaper than you did it before;
  • Welcome message – a salutation playing while subscriber calls (good for company’s presentation);
  • Call history – an info taken from calls and saved for better control of personal or corporative telephony;
  • Black list – categorization of subscribers into high-priority and low-priority (or unnecessary);
  • Conference call – conversation for more than two subscribers;
  • IVR-menu – consistent menu which helps step by step to go to needed point or department;

For getting these additional services, you can send a request to our technical support. After having virtual number you can order any of them.

Ordering process for Algerian DID virtual number

Pass this procedure for fast getting of Algerian virtual telephone number:

  1. Create your profile on Freezvon.com;
  2. Put some money to your balance;
  3. Select “Algeria”;
  4. Check out the type of number;
  5. Buy it!

You can perform payment with any method you want – we provide a lot of methods including wire transfer. We try to satisfy wishes of all customers. Our support can help you to solve all problems that can appear. Contact us anytime – staff is available round the clock.

Algerian city codes for using virtual number

Make up your mind about the several codes before usage of your proper number:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Barika 394 20 25 - - -
National Area Code 983 20 25 - - -


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