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Andorran virtual phone calls number create new telecommunication opportunities

Andorra telephone numbeBeing successful subscriber of Freezvon, you should know about big variety of countries where you could use IP-telephony services for any possible aims. We present new service called Andorra virtual number for calls, which you can order anytime you need online without complicated operations. But before making a purchase for becoming a user of Andorran number, you need to get more details about the country, because that’s quite captivating to stay informed about your number native territory.

Freezvon provides not only virtual numbers, but lots of other telephone services, ameliorating telephony system work. Pay your attention to SIP-service with what you can not only to get inbound calls, but also to dial to foreign countries at extremely cheap rates. Learn more about making SIP calls here.

It’s one of the smallest country. An interesting fact that Andorra has no lawyer, they are also called black attorney, because they can tansform white into black color. There are also no prisons, it’s really safest country in the world. Moreover, there are no regular army, only police, internal safety depends on its neighbors France and Spain. So, Andorra is really tiny and cozy state to telecommunicate with. Just read more about its telephone services.

What is Andorra virtual phone number and how it works?

That’s number that has special country code as +376 that can forward calls to appropriate destination course as SIP, Skype, other telephone number. You don’t need to buy SIM-cards or other additional appliances. This service creates your physical presence is almost possible in country which number you utilize.

There are such preferences of virtual numbers for Andorra:

  • It’s possible to get this service online;
  • You can pay for it using any payment system;
  • Pick any possible additional services for number as voicemail , click to call , hold a music, blacklist, callback and others;
  • Forget about using SIM-cards and other equipment;
  • It’s possible to make outgoing calls with SIP-account at low rates;
  • Cheapness and quality of services are guaranteed.

Andorra virtual phone number

What types of numbers do we offer?

Freezvon provides not only virtual phone numbers for calls, but also for:

  • SMS – messages forwarding is possible to email, url or other number;
  • Calls and SMS – redirection courses are different;
  • Fax – it goes to email only as PDF file;
  • Calls and Fax – these services have also separate destinations;
  • Toll free 800 numbers – are for free calling for subscribers;
  • Multichannel numbers – with many additional lines for getting simultaneous calls.

Check the rates for numbers you can by clicking here.

How to order virtual Andorra telephone numbers?

Freezvon offers you to make several steps for purchasing our product. You just need to:

  • Register and create your profile on our website;
  • Top up the balance with needed money sum;
  • Select preferable parameters;
  • Order the number.

Concerning confusing moments with ordering, work or costs you can contact our technical department via Skype, email, helping live chat or by telephone.

Accessible codes and areas for Andorra virtual numbers

See the rates and codes for utilization of virtual numbers for Andorra.

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Ordino 8 55 58 - - -