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Apple watch news: human's activity and new communication opportunities

Modern technologies with Apple company present new appliance as watches with big functional 

New smart watch from Apple Corporation permits controlling your activism during a day in full. You may use Apple Watch for virtual number and other functions too. Such device being on user’s wrist counts data about physical load during a whole day. There was such a test of checking the correctness of its working comparing the results taken from Apple Watch and professional sport tracker Garmin.

Apple Watch doesn’t have internal GPS-receiver, that’s why for determination of person’s geographical position device is forced to be connected to iPhone. But after simple calibration watch is independent fitness-device, and it may determine distance, the amount of steps, calories etc. without a smartphone. For calibration Apple recommends to walk with iPhone in open air during 20 minutes and the device will get all necessary information.

iSpazio’s journalists compared the work of offline Apple Watch with Garmin Forerunner 610 – it’s a special sport device with the sensor of heart beat located on the user’s chest. After 11-kilometers marathon it was discovered that the results are almost the same. This device showed the distance – 11.32 km, and Garmin – 11.3 km, average steps the in 1st device –  5:18/km, in 2d – 5:19/km, heart beat – 156 and 155 accordingly. The rest of results are basically the same. And it should be noticed that Apple Watch was used without iPhone and special monitors of cardiac rhythm.

Apple Watch for communicative people

The gadget opens new spaces for communication and rises it to new hights. It allows to draw some image and sent it to your friends. The same is possible to do with knocking on the watch and the recipient can feel the beats on his/her wrist. The watch can receive and send text messages. But how can you write it on such a small display? No need to write – the watch will do it for from your words. Besides, you can manage your e-mail, read letters, mark and move them.

How about calls? Receives and makes calls from your wrist. A built-in dynamic and a microphone can help you to conduct a short conversation or you can switch to your iPhone. Thus opens wider opportunities for VoIP-technology. Communicate wherever you are using Apple Watch for virtual VoIP number possibilities. Simply get a local or mobile phone number in any country and all the incoming calls can be forwarded to your device. The technology also allows to send and receive SMS, accept faxes to e-mail.

Freezvon Company is a leading provider of international virtual number services and offers the whole range of numbers and services globally. The basic VoIP- products are:

  • virtual numbers for calls (make and receive calls forwarded to any appliance);
  • virtual SMS phone numbers (send/bulk messages around the globe);
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  • virtual fax numbers (accept fax-messages to your e-mail to unload the line);
  • multichannel virtual phone numbers (for many simultaneous calls);
  • virtual PBX (office system).

Also, optional functions are proposed:

Apple Watch will be available for public in June. So, everyone will be able to get this device soon and enjoy its opportunities together with VoIP-telephony benefits. It can save a lot of time and money for you and your active lifestyle.

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