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Armenian mobile virtual telephone number brings people nearer to their principal goals.

Virtual number for Armenia

In order to keep in touch with people from that country it is useful to have Armenia mobile virtual number . It’s a country in South Caucasus; it is situated on the northwest highland, which is called as historical Armenia between Black and Caspian Sea. Geographically situated in Asia, it has tight political and cultural interrelationships with Europe. From this article, you’ll get more about VoIP technologies. Use Armenia mobile virtual number for communication at low rates with local citizens.

In Armenia form of government is Presidential Republic. Accordingly, the President is the main person in the country. Yerevan the capital of Armenia and is a very picturesque city in this territory. Additionally the territory counts almost thirty thousand square kilometers

Armenia is the most ancient of Caucasus, one of the most antique countries and on the Middle East. This is the first country, which had embraced Christianity as a country official religion (in 301). 

What is cell number and how it works?

Before using virtual number, you should get to know what it is and how it operates. Thus, virtual number graphically looks like a usual one – with code of the country +374. You can be somewhere in other part of globe, but the caller still will think that you are within territory of this country.

Due to redirecting option, services can be redirected to:

  1. Skype, SIP (calls);
  2. E-mail (SMS and fax);
  3. URL (SMS);
  4. Alternate number (calls and SMS).

Such numbers work without SIM-cards and give a possibility to talk to Armenians being in another country.

Order virtual number in Armenia

What are Armenian mobile virtual numbers samples?

Try to select the most appropriate and suitable number for your needs, just be examine all of them below.

They are for:

  • Calls;
  • Fax;
  • SMS;
  • Fax and Calls/SMS and Calls;
  • Multichannel numbers (additional lines for numbers work and call distribution);
  • Toll free 800 numbers (possibility to make free calls by subscribers to such number).

Armenian mobile number - goods of its usage

To find out what number we provide for Armenia please see here, or ask our 24-hours online support, that is always ready to help you. Ordering numbers for calls, set any diverting you like. The redirecting to SIP, Skype is free. The redirection can be changed wherever you need on account.

Thanks to mobile virtual number get also:

All these and other pros will be possible after connecting it and setting diversion.

Purchase Armenian mobile number

If you are interested in it for your home and company, proposes to buy such number in Armenia.

All you need is to:

  1. Register on our site and have access to personal account;
  2. Top up balance enough for buying service;
  3. Pick territory and number type;
  4. Make order the number via you profile.

Getting the number, don’t forget to enter the forwarding. But the forwarding always can be changed to other the most cosy for device. When the number is ready, we will inform you by email. And in short time it will be ready.

Buy Armenian virtual number for Armenia

Available area phone codes for Armenia

You have to know not only the code of the country but also code of each city. In this case, look through possible mobile operators codes in order to choose the most appropriate for you:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
ArmenTel - Mobile 96 10 30 + + -
Orange - Mobile 55 10 30 + + -
VivaCell - Mobile 98 10 30 + + -