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Promotions and discounts for virtual telephony services from Freezvon

All available promotions and discounts from Freezvon

Favorable conditions for providing Freezvon subscribers with virtual telephone numbers. On this page, you can get more information concerning special offers from our company. We are going to make your telephony communication so convenient and profitable. Just learn more about our promotions and discounts presented below. Take a chance to get a profit with VoIP telephony usage with our corporation and improve telecommunication process every day with virtual telephone features.

Caring about its customers, Freezvon proposes flexible system of discounts for buying virtual numbers . It’s possible to get telephone numbers, which are totally free. Our special offer has no time limits and are accessible for new and permanent users.On this page, you can get more information concerning special offers from our company. We are going to make your telephony communication so convenient and profitable. Just learn more about our promotions and discounts presented below. Take a chance to get a profit with VoIP telephony usage with our corporation.


Discount for virtual telephone number purchase with one time monthly fee recharging for determined quantity of months in advance. Size of discount depends on number of months:

  • Recharging of fee for 3 months in advance – 5%;
  • For 6 months – 10%;
  • For 12 months – 20%.

Discount for virtual number purchase is for those customers who have bought a certain quantity of phone numbers one time or via stocker system, that means when quantity of your phone numbers will reach 5, 10 or 20, you will be able to get the following discounts:

  • When you buy 5 phone numbers, you obtain 10% off;
  • Buying 10 numbers, you have 15% off;
  • Having from 20 virtual numbers, you will receive 20% off.
Each subscriber fulfilled conditions of promotion will receive appropriate discount for virtual number. Purchase terms are discussed individually with our technical support managers.
Freezvon presents to its customers virtual phone numbers in over 90 countries in the world. You can purchase virtual number for calls, SMS, fax. If you need to configure your call-center, order Toll free 800 number. All info about these numbers you will find on our website.

SPECIAL OFFER: Virtual telephone number as a gift

We present free virtual number for some special country list. In order to get such phone numbers, you need to top up a balance with 30$ monthly. This money will be spent only for connection of other numbers, additional telephone services from our company or payment for outgoing calls or readdressing of incoming to another telephone number.

Buy Virtual Phone Number Online Now

Freezvon is open to cooperation with its subscribers. If you use our services so active, contact to technical support department and discuss conditions of proposed discount individually. Don’t hesitate to contact us here! We present only qualitative and serviceable telephony for users from over 120 countries.

How to configure Asterisk for getting calls

How to set Asterisk for calls receiving from virtual number?

Asterisk does not require special equipment for full-fledged work

virtual telephone numberNowadays there are lots of services, ways and platforms creating a setting for telecommunication for absolutely different goals and destinations. In this article, we are going to tell you more about Asterisk meaning and configuration. Asterisk in complex with needed equipment has similar functions to classic PBX: usage SIP, VoIP protocols. There are lots of opportunities you will receive after Asterisk configuration.  


Use temporary phone number from Freezvon

Connect temporary telephone number for sms,calls or faxes

Connection of telephone number with code of necessary country time period you need

In conditions of long business, trips or individual trips to abroad, people need to keep the contact with appropriate country in needed period of time. In such situations, you’d better to buy temporary virtual number. This service is quite effective and money saving, so you won’t have huge expenses for calls. With VoIP telephony service, you can simplify your stay abroad and keep contact with necessary people.


Make cheap calls via IPhone with Internet

Cheap calls via IPhone using Internet

virtual telephone numberNowadays, in order to call via IPhone cheaper, you need to install SIP application, and Freezvon will give you a SIP account. Then you will be able to private numbers of your subscribers. It’s quite convenient if they do not have permanent access to Internet, for having conversations they don’t have to be connected to network. If you want to save money of your subscribers, just connect virtual number of appropriate city or country, its citizens will talk to you at local rates.     


Set office telephones using IP telephony services

How to organize office telephones work?

VoIP telephoneAny company work is related to permanent telephone communication as internal (between colleagues) as external (with clients, partners, suppliers). On appropriate stage of business development ordinary local telephone number can’t cover all company’s needs in telephone communication. Then owners care about telephony system in office and possibility to provide corporate and external telecommunication. In this article, you are going to learn an info about installation of office telephones from the very beginning using IP-telephony services.


Make profitable calls via Internet with VoIP telephony

Cheap calls via Internet from Freezvon

Favorable and qualified calls via Internet available to everybody  

virtual telephone numberIP-telephony permits making cheap favorable calls via Internet to abroad. Absence of geographical attachment of subscriber provides maximum convenience in technology usage. It gains great popularity in modern telecommunication world. Quality of connection is increasing, but expenses are reduced. For communication, you may use various devices, but at the same time, you don’t need to get supplementary equipment or install SIM-cards/connect roaming for a trip.


Get Telegram Messenger virtual mobile phone number

Buy virtual mobile number for registration in Telegram messenger

virtual telephone numberNowadays, no one can imagine their lives without talking via phone. Most people are communicating with the help of different programs downloaded and installed to smartphone, tablet and other devices. One of these applications is called Telegram messenger. This is very convenient program, which permits sharing messages and media files online. This project is a direct competitor to Viber, WharsApp. In order to use Telegram you need to pass registration: enter your real phone number and get activation code.


Buy fixed virtual phone number online for calls

Connect fixed virtual phone number for any city

Purchase virtual fixed number for cheap international calls

virtual telephone numberSometimes there is a possibility of fixed number in any city, for example, if an office is located there or some important people are its residents. Providers of analogue telecommunication offer a connection of such number even if you live in Kyiv. Then VoIP-telephony will help you totally permitting to obtain virtual fixed number.  From this article, you are going to learn more about fixed phone number.