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Bahamas virtual phone numbersFreezvon as experienced provider of IP-telephony services presents toll free number for Bahamas in order to gain more subscribers. You can have also other telephone services from us, for example SIP phone service, PBX station and other additional features for virtual numbers . From this article, you will get more new about toll free and also some interesting about the country. Please, learn more about such service and this country. 

The name of island from Spanish “Baja Mar” means “fleet sea”. These islands are considered to be a place where Christopher Columbus stayed, that was his first camp there. It’s captivating to know that once snow was falling in Bahamas, cold wave came from Florida and brought unnaturally winter weather. Huge blue hole exists in Bahamas (the deepest in the world), you can take a water and fall in 202 meters.

What is Bahamas toll free virtual number and how it works?

That’s a number available only in Bahamas with code 800 for subscribers’ free calls. The user of this number should pay for these inbound calls. You don’t have to use SIM-cards or other technical appliances. These numbers don’t attach to physical place, so it’s possible to move and receive calls everywhere you want. Peculiarity of its work is based on redirection calls to IP-telephone, Skype, other alternate number.

Pluses and preferences of Bahamas toll free numbers

There are several points explaining why you really need toll free service from Freezvon. Please, check some of them:

  • Free calls for callers;
  • Cheap numbers connection;
  • Accessible additional features as background music, click to call , recording of calls, welcome message and others;
  • You don’t need to spend money for expensive appliances as SIM-cards;
  • These numbers don’t require to stay at one place.

 toll free virtual number

Other VoIP telephone numbers from Freezvon

We offer you to look at other numbers you can order and use, except toll free. They are for:

  • SMS;
  • Calls;
  • Fax;
  • SMS and calls;
  • Multichannel numbers.

See costs for these numbers clicking here .

Buy toll free Bahamas number for calling

Just follow several simple steps, and you will order a service without any complicated operations:

  • Register to site;
  • Top up a balance;
  • Pick type, country etc.;
  • Ordering has begun.

Buy Bahamas toll free 800 virtual numbers

Then this service will be connected within 24-hours or even a bit less.

Contact our technical department if you need to solve some questions or problems. Find us via email, Skype, live chat online or just call us.

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