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As consumer it’s your perfect right to get full information concerning IP telephony services.

Get cheap calls, fax and smsVirtual phone service system is a possibility to choose the best virtual number according to personal needs and needs of your corporation concerning communication with clients and in private goals. Virtual number is a possibility to move but be in touch with clients, relatives, partners etc. and communicate cheaply, high-qualitative, and without limits. It is also possible because of its opportunities. That doesn’t need any special equipment or SIM-cards and that gives its user chance to travel all around the world but obtain calls, SMS, faxes.

It’s so annoying to lose big amounts of money for such thing as telecommunication. We get such optimal solution, which is characterized as cash-saving service called SIP application. With redirection of calls to personal SIP account, it’s possible for subscriber to save money.

Variants of a virtual phone service system

Our company offers every interested person to order the number that will correspond to his/her needs and wishes. We offer to get more details about available types of virtual telephone numbers. So, what are they for:

Virtual numbers


Calls numberAdvantages of such type is the possibility to receive usual calls to any redirecting you like and need. You can forward your calls to SIP application ( Zoiper , Xlite ), Skype or phone. Diverting to SIP, Skype is absolutely free and you don’t need to worry about balance.

As virtual number has a usual code of country and the place of situation (city or operator) it means that  clients will call to usual for them local number and even don’t know that this number is virtual, so, they call for usual for them tariffs.

Incoming calls are available to make through one of SIP applications. And use virtual number as Caller ID during outgoing calls. We can’t guarantee the correct showing of Caller ID, but we try all possible for its correctness.


Virtual numbers for smsSuch numbers have a possibility to accept SMS messages and forward them either to phone, or mail. Redirection to mail is free. So, if you have an access to Internet anytime using your computer or any other device, for example mobile, receive SMS easily and free of charge.

There are also special telephone numbers that have the opportunity to receive SMS all over the world, in other words they are international. For example, if you buy the United Kingdom cell number for SMS, your clients all over the world, no matter France, the USA, or China etc., send messages, and get them for sure.

Sending SMS is possible through the personal profile that will be available after registration. Use virtual number as Caller ID, but we also can’t guarantee its correctness.

Calls and SMS

Virtual numbers for calls and smsIt’s useful number for people that are supposed to get calls themselves messages too. So your clients can decide themselves how they want communicate with you. For example, when you order Calls/SMS number for Russia (mobile) and for example choose MTS operator in code 791, your clients may call you on this number or send SMS if they like or think this way is more reasonable or cheap. So, such type of virtual numbers has its own advantages prior to others.


Virtual number for faxIt’s possible to get facsimile messages to email. That would reduce expenses for technical stuff and help to maintain relations with business partners. Readdressing to email is totally free.


Calls and Fax

Number for calls and faxWe also offer our clients order numbers for calls and faxes if they have such need. There are such countries that have such possibilities. For example, Italy has such numbers, so your clients may not only call, but also send faxes. Find your country here.

Toll Free number

Cheap Toll Free callsWe offer also Toll Free 800 number. Your clients will call to this number free (if they call from local phone) or be rated according to tariffs of their operators. All inbound calls are paid by the owner of the number.

How to be a user of virtual number?

Simple steps to get necessary virtual number:

  1. Register to official site;
  2. Recharge the balance with particular sum of money;
  3. Pick options you need;
  4. Order the number.

Buying this VoIP service, you get all its profitable goods at once. Order and use now! When you are confused, contact our technical department via helping online livechat, Skype, email or by telephone.

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