Buy extension virtual phone number for business

Extension phone number: what is that?

virtual telephone numberWhen you organize communication between colleagues and customers of your company well, your work goes better and more effective. In this article, we are going to tell you more concerning extension number (internal) is designated to identify what operator and from what department will talk to concrete subscriber. This number helps to save money and time of customer. It’s convenient that every department will spend time only for target client.


Making calls via computer to telephone online

Making cheap calls via computer to phone

virtual telephone numberNow it’s possible to make calls via computer to telephone with the helpof SIP applications as Zoiper or Xlite . IP-telephony reduces costs for international communication and opens new opportunities for this process. Era of using only telephone for connection has been ended, now there is an availability to use every PC or notebook with Internet access for this operation.


International and intercity telecommunication with IP-telephony

Provision of International and intercity telephone services for internal connection

Internet telephony for cheap calls to intercity and international destinations

virtual telephone numberNowadays everybody needs international communication. It is necessary for serious business trips or holidays, for talking to partners and colleagues, for conversations with relatives and other precious people. Understanding that, Freezvon Company made telephone services of international and intercity telecom accessible to anybody from all around the globe. With virtual telephony, people are able to expand boundaries and stay in touch.


Mobile phone operators of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Mobile operators of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus

A list of available mobile operators in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine

virtual phone numbersMobile network permits keeping contact with other people. Nevertheless, mobile operators of such countries as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and providers of local telephony prescribe high rates that can create some difficulties in telecommunication within the countries and outside of it. Company Freezvon offers alternative solution for your talks as virtual numbers with coverage for desired region. It can be used out of coverage zone without high costs for talks, and it doesn’t have physical attachment to location of subscriber.


Fring application for receiving and making calls via SIP

Fring application: calls via mobile, tablet or smartphone

Calls with FRING have opportunities with cheap rates and simple interface

virtual phone numbersPresent-day telephony changes faster than ever, VoIP-telephony providing cheap costs and more qualitative connection and signal. We want to present you Fring application, which is created for talking and got various services and functions. This application permits making calls to different countries and its cities at really low rates. Your telephone conversations will be longer thanks to available pricing of Fring. You can install it to your smartphone or tablet and use it anytime you need.


How to make cold calls for selling

Cold calls for sales with VoIP telephony

Cold sales are easy with virtual numbers and Freezvon telephone services

virtual phone numbersFor development and effective functioning of any company that provide people with useful services, products there is a necessity to expand client base, because concurrence is very heavy in a field of selling. In this article, you will learn more concerning cold calls and how to sale via telephone, how to attract potential customers, who were not your clients earlier. Here you will be able to get some recommendations and advices about technology of cold calls and its practical sides.


Advices for opening advertising agency with VoIP telephony

Tips for beginning businessmen using VoIP telephony

Virtual phone numbers are great advertising methods for your corporation

virtual phone numbersAdvertisement is a power that gives a possibility to develop a business. Without advertising, you can’t imagine any successful kind of business. You can promote your site, sell phone numbers, work of Internet shops and retail chain, work of hotels, restaurants and many others. If the company wants to make a claim about itself and be popular among big quantity of customers, it needs a qualitative advert. That’s why an opening of publicity agency is a great solution. Do you have a desire to deal such business? Just read this article right now.


Purchase virtual phone number for WhatsApp

virtual telephone number for WhatsApp

Get virtual DID phone number for WhatsApp program

Using virtual phone number for WhatsApp will make communication more colorful and efficient

The usage of social networks and different kinds of applications for text (and even voice) communication is not a novelty nowadays, especially for youth. Short sms messages may economize person’s time and report the main opinion to the receiver. The wide range of existed social networks for any taste allows finding out the one you like the most. From this article, you derive useful details about using DID number with this app successfully. From this article you will learn what is a number for WhatsApp.