Purchase virtual phone number for WhatsApp

virtual telephone number for WhatsApp

Get virtual DID phone number for WhatsApp program

Using virtual phone number for WhatsApp will make communication more colorful and efficient

The usage of social networks and different kinds of applications for text (and even voice) communication is not a novelty nowadays, especially for youth. Short sms messages may economize person’s time and report the main opinion to the receiver. The wide range of existed social networks for any taste allows finding out the one you like the most. From this article, you derive useful details about using DID number with this app successfully.


3G-network innovation in modern telecommunication

3G-network technology for household appliances

Get details concerning advanced running force in modern world telecommunication.

3g-technology3G is the newest technology in the field of mobile connection. 3G-network means that the telephone is in possession of the third generation. First generation is analogue mobile phones, second – digital. 3G technology is used in multimedia mobile telephones, which are usually called smartphones. Such telephones have several diapasons and high-speed data transmission.


Virtual IP telephony history and establishment

IP telephony development and establishment

For today people use telephones either mobile or landline for different purposes. These purposes are not restricted with only communication – contemporary advanced smartphones provide users with numerous options beginning with Internet access and ending with photo making. IP telephony brazenly invaded in our world o communication and significantly changes our attitude to traditional telephony. IP telephony history shows how this technology had been established and what it had brought with itself. Business growth and clients’ satisfaction it is what has been changed with IP telephony emergence for the better.


Cisco forecast about cloud traffic growth to 2019

Cisco expects enlargement of Internet cloud traffic to 2019

Here you may know key reasons of mobile access increasing and demand for video services.

Internet cloud trafficAccording to Cisco prediction published in tenth annual report called “Visual Networking Index, Cisco ®” in period from 2014 to 2019 world IP-traffic reaches to record index of 2 ZB*. It can happen because of global lifting of users in Internet, electronic devices, intermachine connections, increasing of broadband access speed, expansion of advanced video services. This article will be useful and informative for everybody who's considered to be device user. 


Communicate with clients on high level

How to communicate with clients over the phone?

Work in call center demands to communicate with clients every day. According to the way how this communication is conducted company can involve more or just lose clients. There are different situations. People are different; they have different characters and vision of this or that notion. That is why a lot of problematic conflicts can appear while their conversation between each other. To avoid this people who work on phone should know how to correctly speak if the client is calling you.


Virtual IP PBX for e-shops operations

E-shops need virtual IP PBX for better work

Success of any commercial is mostly dependent on effective client’s communication. For electronic commercial this fact is twice fair. On every 100 incoming calls 5-20 of them are performed in non-working time. Such information has become a surprise for many people. According to recent calculations, companies without virtual IP PBX for e-shops lose up to 4% of incoming calls in usual time and up to 17% in peak load of calls because of busy telephone lines. Moreover, 2-3% of incoming calls are lost during coffee, meal or smoke breaks. And most of those people will never call again.

Apparently, for e-commerce it is very important to avoid losing potential clients because of unanswered incoming calls. For this e-shops need modern, effective and possibly flexible tools for communication with clients. Freezvon.com telephony provides such tools.


Effectiveness of virtual phone numbers usage

Why are virtual numbers so effective?

Work of virtual services are like right hands in business evolution world.

get virtual phone numbersTelephone penetration begins with purchase of number. Thousands of huge and small enterprises are doing it for a lot of years. But recently in this usual way of communication revolutionary changes has taken place – virtual numbers have appeared. And these numbers began to provide businesses affairs with unlimited possibilities. VoIP telephony is currently extremely popular – thanks to numbers of virtual type which create great conditions for better business conduction and just usual intercommunication. They have a lot of advantages and privileges given to our clients.


Skype translator for calls and SMS

Skype translator for real time calls

Check what abilities do have most popular Internet system of communication.

Translator for real timeToday Skype is very wide-spread among people of all ages. And there is no surprise because this program is very convenient in use and has rather understandable interface. Children, adults, grannies make use of Skype translator for local and international communication. Skype developers offer great number of possibilities for users, and from year to year number of those possibilities is steadily growing.