‘You can only make a first impression once’. That’s how the popular expression goes, and if you’re trying to win over customers and keep them loyal to your brand, that initial impression is everything.

With today’s technology there are many possibilities for how businesses can improve their phone services, and with that in mind, your greeting message and voicemail system is a great place to start!

This article will provide some tips for how to implement a professional greeting message and voicemail system that will set your business aside from your competitors, and help you to deliver the best possible first impression.

Get to the point, and make it succinct

Time is everything, and no one has the time to sit and listen to a super long voicemail greeting. What’s more, when you receive calls from clients who are unhappy, it’s not a good idea to make them sit through a long and unnecessary voicemail message. So keep it short, and keep it simple.

Promote your latest offers

It is a particularly good idea to mention any discounts, offers, or deals you are offering whilst your clients are waiting to speak to an advisor, or just before they input their choices for wherever they wish to go within the automated phone menu.

Again, keep this short, as you don’t want to bombard your clients with a ton of advertisements, but with that being said, a few brief mentions of anything special you are offering at that specific time might intrigue your clients, and they may wish to find out more as a result.

Use a professional service

VoIP providers such as Freezvon offer voicemail services and the ability to set up greetings messages, as well as a range of other useful features that come with the virtual phone numbers that they sell.

These voicemail systems can be programmed in a very similar way to traditional voicemail number systems, with the major difference being that they operate over the internet, and can of course be much faster in terms of notifying the client via email, compared with traditional voicemail messages.

This also presents an opportunity to add a personal touch to your voicemail and greeting message, since they can be programmed to include recorded messages from your team members, as well as important information that can help to answer frequently asked questions.

Elsewhere, via an IVR menu, clients can easily navigate your virtual phone system and the voicemail feature. Therefore, it makes sense to invest time in making sure that these messages and the information inputted into the system are as reflective of your business as possible, so that you’re giving off the right impression, every single time.