Use redirecting of calls process to special destination as Skype. Nowadays, it is not necessary to open affiliates in other countries if you want to run some professional work abroad. The new generation technologies allow your business grow due to virtual numbers for foreign countries.

While your competitors are still looking for traditional telephony and cheap roaming rates, you as experienced subscriber switches to IP telephony solutions and stay one-step ahead! Learn more about call forwarding to Skype provided by Freezvon.

For creation of super office, we offer to install PBX station suggesting such VoIP services as IP address, call recording , interior numbers for free conversations, monitoring calls, salutation message and other various captivating services. That costs $86, the next month it’s $49 as money-saving and beneficial decision.

What is call forwarding to Skype with virtual number?

Such redirecting to Skype is an option for saving money on calls. Add your Skype login and obtain free calls anytime and anywhere. Your Skype should be online, so all your customers and associates will be able to reach you whenever you are. Thanks to such feature, it's possible to make calls which go to any appropriate course (except SIP) that we are going to propose to you. Concerning price, this destination is FREE of charge.

Set call forwarding to Skype service

Call forwarding to Skype

Advantages of call forwarding to Skype

What is more pleasant, getting it you will use such benefits:

  • Convenient way of redirection;
  • Service can be ordered online via website Freezvon;
  • This feature is FREE;
  • Absence of additional technical appliances;
  • Possibility to use this service in many countries.

It's always up to you what target for redirection to pick over. BUT remember without VoIP number process of readdressing can't be done. Please, see the other rates for using virtual number in various countries below.

Rates and coverage for virtual phone numbers

Buy a virtual number for Skype call forwarding service

Once you decided to expand the geographical presence of your company in the international market, it is essential to have a VoIP number in every country you are interested in. And we are always ready to provide you with the most optimal solution.

Try to accomplish such steps for being user of virtual number:

  • Create personal account on our system;
  • Put some cash to balance;
  • Select country where number will function;
  • Type is also necessary item;
  • Choose subscription period for the number: 1, 3, 6, or 12 months (2-18% discount based on the period of subscription and the price of the number).
  • Ordering has been done!

After this purchasing process, use any service you ordered and even make another useful feature. It will be accessible within 24 hours, we will send you a letter about its workability.

Buy Virtual Phone Number Online

Concerning activation of call forwarding to Skype or other points of IP-telephony services usage contact technical specialists who are on guard of your purchasing. Find them in livechat, Skype and via email address or by phone. Contact us and stay informed user of virtual telephone services

Call forwarding to Skype is no longer available. You can set up call forwarding to SIP or to the phone number of any countries.