Organize work of remote employees via IP telephony services

Technologic and telecommunication revolution are the keys that opens the door to a world of new opportunities for companies working in the areas of trading and customer support. The available VoIP telecommunication solutions allow to increase the level of work in the office, to take the course to a remote state, ensuring the proper quality of customer service by your specialists. We propose you to understand why it's easy to monitor remote employees with IP telephony features for supporting fast development.

Organization of work with remote employee

First of all, you need to understand what kind of remote employee do you need. Second, you should see if the trust is possible between you and the employee. Only head-to-head interview can help to see if this person is suitable to you.

You should get the understanding from remote employee that, despite the remote format, his post is extremely responsible, but not immutable, at the same time, it is necessary comprehensively to stimulate their activity. Such cooperation should be thought out and have a corporate philosophy.

Personnel supervision is the key link in the chain. Try to create an atmosphere of cohesion, in which, despite the lack of personal contact, everyone has rights and obligations. Then you need to think about the way of telecommunication for your customer service, Internet shop or hotline service.

How remote employee can manage calls?

Times when each sales person or sales agent had a personal number have gone. And it's not even that such a system does not work, it's just time to set your standards and they need to comply. If you turn to the use of a virtual PBX, it is suitable only for a stationary office, and it can be expensive.

Another problem: the monitoring of the work of personnel working remotely, because it is simply unrealistic to constantly monitor the employees only to be sure of their honesty and responsibility. Fortunately, using the VoIP telephony service, we do not have to do this.

Using 800 phone number by remote employees

If you need to choose the ways of telecommunication with your remote workers, we propose you using toll free 800 numbers, which are the best when you have a call center or online shop. First of all, such numbers are free for people dialing them, we mean your customers. Moreover, using CRM system with such service as call recording your remote employee will work conscientiously and qualitatively.

Why IP telephony is effective for remote employee monitoring

  • Low bills for outbound calls;
  • Online access to your employee anytime you need;
  • Free call recording service for seeing strong and weak side of your employee;
  • Virtual PBX connection is possible at cheap costs;
  • Call history or call tracking features will help to see the info about missed or receive calls

How to connect virtual PBX station for remote emloyee monitoring

  • Sign up to our website;
  • Top up the balance with needed sum of money;
  • Write to our manager about connecting PBX station;
  • Choose the necessary services you need to add;
  • Connect all your remote workers to your PBX.

Get virtual number for remote employee monitoring

You can learn more information concerning the ways of monitoring remote employees asking our technical support department via Skype, email, live chat or by phone numbers presented on websites. We work 24X7 without breaks or holidays in order to support you anytime you need this.

Payment methods

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