Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual phone numbers

Talk with the help of Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual VoIP numbers

Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual phone numbersIP-telephony industry is quite widespread branch of modern telecommunication world. Freezvon expands its territories, now you can get virtual numbers for Bosnia and Herzegovina and talk to anybody from this country. Anyway, you have a possibility to pick various kind of service as SIP service, PBX or just additional phone service for making your telephony more progressive and convenient. We would like to tell you some info about this country and of course concerning our services.

It’s well-known that this country is called “a country of heart shape”, because it looks like a heart on the map. Name “Bosnia” means “water” derived from Indo-European word “bosana”. Guidebook Lonely Planet called Sarajevo city into the top 10 list of worth seeing places.

The most requested service from Freezvon is called virtual PBX system. It’s a kind of phone service package. This includes personal IP address, numerous SIP-accounts, call monitoring, welcome message, free DID number and others. You can connect this system with the help of our specialists, but setup you can make to your own needs.

What is Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual number and how it works?

That’s a number with code +387, that look like ordinary real phone number, but that is not attached physically to country of its belonging. It works by forwarding of calls, SMS or fax to appropriate destinations. You don’t need to obtain SIM-cards or other heavy appliances, because it works without them. It’s also possible to make calls with the help of SIP phone service, for this you need to get SIP-account, download apps as Zoiper or Xlite and then make some settings received from us.

There are several virtual numbers of different types

Freezvon presents such virtual phone numbers services, which you can order as fast as you can. They are for:

  • Calls – accessible destinations are SIP, Skype, alternate number;
  • Fax – email only (message comes as PDF file);
  • SMS – texts come to URL, e-mail or other number;
  • Fax and calls – one number for 2 phone features;
  • SMS and calls – a number operating 2 services;
  • Toll free numbers – a number of free calling for subscribers, user pays for calls he gets;
  • Multichannel numbers – kind of service having several lines.

Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual number

Please check rates and costs, which you can find here.

Why you should connect Bosnia and Herzegovina from Freezvon?

Please, learn what positive sides our services can give you:

  • Online ordering process;
  • Cheap telephone services;
  • Low local rates while calling or messaging;
  • Possibility to get additional phone service as voicemail , click to call , conference call , blacklist, welcome message and others;
  • Friendly and helpful support;
  • NO usage of SIM-card;
  • NO location attachment.

Purchasing process for Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual number

According to our recommendations, only in 3 clicks you can make an ordering of Bosnian numbers. Complete the following actions:

  • Sign up to our official site;
  • Top up a balance with needed sum;
  • Pick needed parameters (number type, countries etc.);
  • Your number will be activated within 24-hours.

Get Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual phone numbers

Before making a purchase, just check list of payment methods appropriate to our company.

Need a consultation? Just contact our technical department. You can find us via Skype, email, live chat online or by telephone. We are always waiting for your questions, because your convenience and telephonic affairs are our priority.


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