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The Republic of Botswana is considered a state in Southern Africa. It has borders with South Africa Republic on the south by, with Namibia on western and northern parts, in the northeast with Zambia, with Zimbabwe on the east; this country has no outlet to the sea. Geographically, 70% of the country is occupied by desert Kalahari. For being close to Botswana family or colleagues

Botswana is a democratic republic with a multiparty system of government. The President is the head of state, head of government and commander in chief. The Legislature is a bicameral parliament consisting of the National Assembly and the House of Chiefs.

Information about Botswana

Botswana is a country in Southern Africa. It is one more place for curious travelers. In order to get acquainted with this country closer, look through the following information:

  • Official name: Republic of Botswana.
  • Form of government: presidential republic.
  • Administrative divisions: 9 districts and 4 city councils.
  • Capital: Gaborone.
  • Ethnic groups: Tswana - 66.8%, Kalanga - 14.8%, Ndebele - 1.7%, Herero - 1.4%, the San (Bushmen) - 1.3%, Afrikaners - 1.3%, other 12.7 %.
  • Languages: English, Tswana.
  • Religion: 70% of the population - Christians of different denominations, Islam, Hinduism, local beliefs.
  • Currency: pool.
  • Biggest cities: Gaborone, Francistown, Selebi-Phikwe.
  • Major airports: Airport Ser Seretse Khama (Gaborone), the international airport Francistown, Kasane International Airport, the international airport Maun.
  • Major rivers: Okavango, Limpopo, Chobe.
  • The largest lake: Tskau.
  • Neighboring countries: Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa Republic, Namibia.

More numerical facts

  • Area: 581 730 km².
  • Population: 1,990,876 people.
  • The population density is 3.4 people / km².
  • The length of the borders: 4013 km.
  • Highest point: Tsodilo city, 1370 m.


  • GDP (nominal): $ 13.81 billion (2008), according to the CIA Factbook.
  • GDP per capita (PPP): $ 15,800 (2008), according to the CIA.
  • Production of diamonds, nickel and copper ores.
  • The food industry, textile and leather industry.
  • Agriculture: production of corn, sorghum, beans, sunflower seeds, tubers, livestock.
  • Services: tourism.

In remote towns and villages where there are no banks, there are so called "traveling banks" - mobile banking points with a standard set of services, weekly or monthly working in the area. These items can produce a bank and exchange travel checks, but practically do not work with cash. To exchange money in a bank, it is recommended to go here early in the morning; the operation of the exchange can also take a lot of time.

virtual phone number for Botswana

Virtual phone number for Botswana for calls

For this country we provide virtual telephone numbers for calls. This number operates on the basis of forwarding option. In order to receive incoming calls from this African state for what you can get virtual number . Calls that income are forwarded to other appropriate telephone number – for low rates. In case you want to redirect your calls to Skype or SIP accounts service will be FREE of charge for you. You can also use Caller ID to make it possible a subscriber to call you back later. If it is hidden, people then cannot recall you.

Available Botswana additional telephone services for virtual number

To make intercommunication more comfortable you can set additional services to your virtual VoIP telephone number for Botswana. These services will be a great supplement to a number and will help you to process all incoming calls perfectly. These services are:

  • Conference call – conversation accessible for multiple callers (2 or more);
  • IVR menu – voice menu that leads your caller to needed direction or to free operator;
  • Call history – all information about received and made calls;
  • Voicemail – messages informing you about lost calls. When you receive them you can call back to needed person;
  • Call recording – an ability to record calls from anyone to control telephonic affair;
  • Black and white lists – registers of non-desired and important callers;
  • Click to call – a button for making calls from website that gives a capacity to gain more clients;
  • Additional lines for number – for making numbers not so overcharged. With this service your operator staff work would be well-coordinated;
  • Cheap VoIP calls – making cheap calls is possible with our numbers;
  • Welcome message – greeting piece of information that meets the caller at the beginning of the conversation;
  • PBX telephone virtual system – telephone services united in a package for business building;
  • Hold music – a service that gives good mood to your caller by agreeable melodies;
  • Call back – a function you can install to make back calls to your subscribers;
  • Conditional call forwarding – redirection processes depended on time and date.

If you find some interesting point from this list feel free to order it. You should write to us and ask for a service or services you got interested in. Rate scale is in your personal cabinet.

Buying process of Botswana virtual telephone number

The process of virtual number purchase is very simple and time-consuming. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and do exactly what is asked. So the steps of virtual phone number for Botswana purchase can be:

  1. Registration procedure;
  2. Recharging of personal balance;
  3. Selecting “Botswana”;
  4. What type do you really need you choose;
  5. Order your number.

That is all. Having performed these steps you will have a virtual phone number for Botswana. For help you can use support specialists service that will help you with all problems you have.

Codes of areas in Botswana for virtual telephone numbers

Here you can see all codes for dialing to this state. Without them you cannot correctly use virtual numbers:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Land Line (Toll-Free) 800 20 50 + - -


How to buy a virtual number in Botswana Buy Botswanan virtual number for Botswana