Get virtual phone number for British Virgin Islands

Virtual telephone numbers of British Virgin Islands will help you to reconceive telephony notion.

Virtual phone number for British Virgin Islands

According to info about modern telecommunications, more than 2 million people use IP telephony . With VoIP technologies, you can reach uncogitable heights not only in professional spheres, but also in personal life. Virtual numbers for British Virgin Islands will give you a possibility to array your life with several specificities. from this article you could to create own understanding of product we present. is like an “A” player of IP-technologies world. It presents more virtual services for more than 90 countries. You can find out lots of virtual numbers, services for cheap calling (SIP), packets of telephonic services (virtual PBX) and many other useful stuff.

Don’t confuse these islands with American, they are radically different. On islands you can see annually sailing regatta. These Islands presented calm harbors and bays for tie-down of sea travelers ships and yachts. It’s impressive that citizens of African origin being devotee Christians save beliefs in world of spirits and ghosts. They believe that all evil things are provoked by them. All these beliefs are parts of African culture and character of local fairytales and parables. Anyway, our numbers give only goodness to subscribers life.

What virtual number means for IP-users?

It has special calling code +1-284. Concerning the work, it redirects calls, fax and SMS to specially chosen course or device. SIM cards are totally unhelpful for our virtual numbers. You won’t be attached to location, because virtual numbers have no physical tying to places, so it’s very convenient to move and talk. If you want to make cheap calls to foreign country, you can get SIP account from and dial cheaper to foreigners.

What are goods of British Virgin Islands?

You as a customer has rights to check out all priorities that facilities possesses.

Look at them right now:

  1. It’s cheap telephone services and connection;
  2. Providing of online ordering options;
  3. Low prices for rates;
  4. Unique additional services for numbers known as background music, click to call , IVR-menu and many others
  5. NO location that limits your communication;
  6. NO usage of supplementary equipment as SIM-cards or cables.

British Virgin Islands virtual numbers

British Virgin Islands virtual numbers categories

Here you may look at the list of VoIP numbers we have. You need to make a decision concerning them just reading the information below. numbers are for:

  • Fax (receiving such messages to email);
  • Calls (direct calls to SIP, Skype, IP-telephone, others);
  • Calls and fax (operations connected with these services + diverse direction);
  • SMS (direct sms to url, email or other number);
  • Calls and SMS (operations concerning these services + direction to different courses);

If you’re for building qualitative business, you need to connect the next types of numbers:

  • Multichannel numbers (having several lines for avoiding overcharged phones);
  • Toll free 800 numbers (subscribers are going to make free calls to you. And you are obliged to pay for every their calls).

Observe the next pricing lists concerning virtual numbers here.

Buying procedure for virtual numbers

If you have decided what kind of number or other service for British Virgin Islands  you need, just look at steps for ordering:

  1. Get registration to;
  2. Recharge the balance with required sum of money;
  3. Push on desired country;
  4. Type of number selecting;
  5. Order it!

* Contact support experts of if you’re not sure in several points concerning VoiP technology services. Write them to email, Skype, online live chat.

Accessible area codes and coverages for British Virgin Islands numbers

You need to get some info according to area codes and rates for virtual numbers designated to British Virgin Islands:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Toll Free 855 30 70 + - -


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