Purchase virtual number for Bulgaria for work and home

Having Bulgarian virtual phone number that helps to widen telecommunication possibilities.

Buy a virtual number in Bulgaria

Economical situation all over the world demand much money to provide normal life. International communication cannot be currently executed with the help of old traditional telephony – it is no more effective and moreover expensive. That is why we offer a VoIP virtual Bulgaria number in order to see the better side of intercommunication.

Bulgaria is an amazing place on the Balkan semi-island. It has wonderful climate, picturesque mountain tops, ideal sea resorts, healing thermal sources, rich cultural heritage, orthodox sacraments, and great national traditions and so on and so forth.

There you will see picturesque valleys, rapid rivers, snow-covered mountains tops, mysterious coombs and high mountain plateaus. Three mountain ranges of Bulgaria penetrate the country from East to West. Eastern regions are hillier and on the west high mountain regions prevail. The height of separate tops reaches 2900 meters.

What is VoIP Bulgarian virtual phone numbers?

It’s a number with calling code + 359 that provide us with an opportunity to communicate with people from abroad and save cash. They could readdress calls, SMS and fax to special courses. Such numbers don’t need technical equipment in use or SIM cards. Being free from any of location, it’s possible to utilize it everywhere.

What samples of virtual DID number exist?

If you want to carry conversations with Bulgarian people pick special virtual number .

We provide several types of them for:

  1. Calls. It operates due to the option of calls redirection. Having this number, say it to people who will call you from there and dialing this number they will be in touch with you. They can be redirected from that number to already existing number for low rates or to SIP and Skype for free.
  2. SMS It has a capacity to get messages to such courses as URL, email or number phone;
  3. Fax. With the help of this number have a chance to get fax from this country absolutely for free. Number of course costs certain money, but forwarding of faxes to email address is FREE.
  4. Calls and fax/ SMS and calls They combine options of virtual numbers for 2 telephone services. In this case you do not need two separate numbers;
  5. Multichannel numbers They have several lines for better distributed calls;
  6. Toll free 800 numbers Such numbers provide free calls made by subscribers.

Virtual phone numbers for Bulgaria

Those numbers are available for Bulgaria. Having at least one of them you will see how convenient it is to talk to people using direct virtual Bulgaria DID number. See prices for numbers here.

Several goods for Bulgaria virtual number

Before selecting any services try to examine preferences of products we’re going to present:

  • It’s possible to make online ordering;
  • Services are cheaper and simpler in use;
  • NO SIM-cards, technical equipment in need;
  • Ability to make operations via local tariffs;
  • Numbers don’t bound persons to physical location.

Additional VoIP services for Bulgaria number

To have more chances for better intercommunication and create ideal conditions for it you can decide on some additional services from us. They will be of great helping hand for you while connecting with people from this state. 

They are:

  • Voice-mail – leaving a voice message;
  • Conditional call-forwarding – forwarding according to time, period, country etc.;
  • Greeting (welcome) message – welcome voice message that is played after dialing the number;
  • IVR-menu – voice menu that directs your subscribers to special department and organize your business process;
  • Call-recording – incoming and outbound calls recording for further monitoring process; This is not the whole list of additional systems and services.

Here you can read more detail about these services and be aware of the prices.

Buying process for virtual phone number

For buying a virtual number for Bulgaria, just be signed up to our site – it is an obligatory requirement for everyone. Without registration to official website you will not have a chance to order a number.

Next steps will help you to perform the purchase of virtual number from us:

  1. Register to freezvon.com;
  2. Accomplish balance with cash;
  3. Bulgaria must be picked;
  4. Now you can pick and order a number.

If you have done something wrong – do not worry. Contact our support experts will find better solution. Please call them, write to email or Skype, or you have urgent question you can contact them via live chat.

How to buy a virtual number in Bulgaria Buy Bulgarian virtual number 

Special area codes, prices for Bulgaria numbers

For you to better understand how virtual numbers for Bulgaria operate we provide possible calling codes available to this country and their costs:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Sofia 2 15 20 + - +
Plovdiv 32 15 20 + - +
Varna 52 15 20 + - +
Burgas 56 15 20 + - +
PLEVEN 64 15 20 + - +
RUSSE 82 15 20 + - +
STARA ZAGORA 42 15 20 + - +
VELIKO TURNOVO 62 15 20 + - +
Smolian 30 0 0 - - +
Pazardjik 34 0 0 - - +
Kardjali 36 0 0 - - +
Haskovo 38 0 0 - - +
Sliwen 44 0 0 - - +
Yambol 46 0 0 - - +
Shumen 54 0 0 - - +
Dobritch 58 0 0 - - +
Targoviste 60 0 0 - - +
Gabrovo 66 0 0 - - +
Lovetch 68 0 0 - - +
Bl. Grad 73 0 0 - - +
Pernik 76 0 0 - - +
Kustendil 78 0 0 - - +
Razgrad 84 0 0 - - +
Silistra 86 0 0 - - +
Vratza 92 0 0 - - +
Vidin 94 0 0 - - +
Montana 96 0 0 - - +
Toll Free 800 10 27 + - -