Virtual telephony services for business usage

It’s amazingly useful service helping to lift your sphere up on global market.

Buy virtual numberVirtual telephony is aimed not only for private goals but also for commercial ones. Organize your own business with company Freezvon and its modern smart telephony with all services that is called – virtual telephony. Communication with direct virtual phone DID numbers assures communication with clients in any countries cheap and simple, and guarantees increasing of company’s profits. If you are company that wants to establish communication with customers by phone and enlarge your business outside your native country, helps you to do this and organizes telephony according to your need.

Virtual PBX station is going to simplify life in telecommunication with partners and colleagues. It’s characterized as packet of services offered by They are like that: IP address, info voicemenu, history of calls, SIP-accounts for abroad calls, internal numbers for intercommunication of workers and others.

What are virtual telephone numbers?

That is a phone number with a country code, mobile or city code (i.e. usual phone number), that has special features: such number works without binding to company’s or person’s actual location and creates a visual appearance of location in some another country or city. Such peculiarity reaches due to calls forwarding to another device: SIP application, Skype login, real phone (mobile/local), IP telephones, Asterisk etc. This possibility helps in saving company’s money and obtaining new clients. Such numbers are available not only for calls. Let’s consider all types of numbers.

Help in commercial goals with virtual telephony

How virtual telephony may help in your business? Firstly, with virtual telephony you will forget about facilities, special telephones that requires so many time and money. With diverting calls for your numbers, calls receiving may be for the most comfortable for your company and employees devices – existing phones, SIP application, Skype, IP telephones, Asterisk. Such a way company may be situated in any country, but have clients worldwide. Outgoing calls are also possible, so workers can always call your consumers. Economizing of money is guaranteed as numbers are cheap, and rates on outgoing calls are low. Calls are free with redirecting to SIP and Skype.

Get number for business usage

Multichannel numbers are also very important for companies, so provides such numbers for clients simultaneous calling. We also may organize your telephony according to your needs and set different forwarding according to time, working schedule, language, countries etc., i.e. all you need for company’s comfortable work. VoIP phone services such as greeting message , blacklist, click to call , etc. are also possible to connect.

Different virtual numbers for company usage offers variety of numbers according to different company’s specialization and needs. It may be numbers for only calls or sms (ex. if it is taxi service, or online orders), or both, fax numbers, Toll free numbers etc.

All needs will be taken into consideration. So, provides:

  1. Calls (mobile and local);
  2. SMS (mobile and fixed);
  3. Calls and sms;
  4. Fax numbers;
  5. Fax and calls;
  6. Multichannel numbers;
  7. Toll free numbers.

Company Freezvon may make a contract with others companies and work as commercial unites. To do this you just need to send request to our email with request.

Why does business need virtual phone number?

If you haven’t decided yet you need a virtual phone number or not, we call your attention to advantages of such number that will benefit exactly your company. They are:

  • Workability of number without binding to actual address of company;
  • Cheap and free forwarding of calls, sms and fax;
  • Visual appearance of geographical location in another place;
  • Company status; 
  • No need of extra equipment;
  • Opportunity of setting voicemailIVR, conditional call forwarding for your number etc.

These and others benefits will make your company a head leader in your business direction.

How to get business number from Freezvon?

All is necessary to get is number is firstly to find out the price here. Then the process of getting number is very simple and you need only:

  1. Make registration;
  2. Top up balance for buying number;
  3. Order the number.

Buy virtual number for business usage

Number connects during 24 hours. Exception is only Toll free number that connects during 5 days. Technical support, that is online 24/7, is ready to help you to choose number any time.