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Virtual number

A good helper in any kind of business is arranging of smart telephone setting of company in general and its special offices in particular. Such telephony is in need for every sphere company, no matter if it’s internet shop, bank, supermarket, gym etc. But, if the company works with clients, to talk with them by phone, good and the most profitable for business way of telecommunication is more than just important.

Freezvon.com provides offices with incredible telephone system consisted of VoIP services as monitoring calls, IP address, SIP accounts, inside of company free conversations with numbers, IVR-menu and some other suitable for any sphere of action.

It’s essential part of every business prosperity, as exactly because of clients company may develop, increase, and get profit. VoIP telephony from Freezvon is aimed exactly for realizing all needs. Virtual telephone numbers for business, VoIP services will make office prosperous and help in money saving. Let’s consider all possible service for office in details.

Phone services for realizing business goals

For business and office needs Company Freezvon.com offers such virtual numbers for:

  • Calls: Possibility of getting number in any of 90 available countries. Location of work and special equipment existence is unimportant. With call forwarding to local/cell number, SIP device or Skype, each client from any country may reach the company.
  • SMS: possibility of receiving sms messages. Accepting of messages from clients may be very useful in some voting, goods ordering etc. With cheap forwarding to mobile phone and free one to email, receiving of texts will be quick and in any amount.
  • SMS and calls: Corporation with virtual number for sms and calls will be able to organize their work with clients in full. Any kind of promotion and telephone organization with customers may be done with number.
  • Fax: Unloading of office telephone lines is possible with virtual numbers for fax. Any amount of faxes quick to office mail box. No necessity in buying equipment, fax machine, fax paper with fax number from Freezvon.
  • Fax and calls: One line for receiving calls and faxes that organize the work of business more than in full. Phone line is never busy because of fax receiving, and faxes that are accepted in any amount to company’s email.
  • Toll free 800 numbers: Free telephone line for customers calls inside the country. Making of good and reliable image of company that is taking care about its clients, and giving clients possibility of calling company any time.
  • Multichannel numbers: Local numbers with additional lines make possibility of receiving consumers incoming calls synchronically. Telephone lines are never busy and operators have possibility to serve more customers with multichannel numbers.

SIP VoIP cheap calls

Accept virtual numbers, Freezvon provides also a lot of telephone services for the most comfortable usage of virtual telephony:

  1. Call forwarding: Opportunity for company to receive calls to the best device. With forwarding to SIP, Skype, phone number, no one call will be missed.
  2. Conditional call forwarding : Organization of company’s work according to time schedule, working schedule, call country, language etc. and accept calls from clients according to conditions.
  3. IVR : business and smart organization of distribution of clients calls. Possibility of pressing special button by callers that reach the company, and redirection of calls to special department.
  4. Call recording : Records of any call types for further calls monitoring and increasing of working with consumers.
  5. Call history : All information about received and made calls (date, charges, phone numbers etc.) for calls monitoring by company.
  6. Click to call : special button on website allowing to call free for clients directly from the site.
  7. Callback : opportunity to call customers back and economize their and your company money. All available and ready for installation phone services you may see here.

If you and your company are interested in buying number, all you need is register, top up balance and order a number via personal profile. For additional phone services connection, all is needed is to write request to our email. Start business project with Freezvon.com.

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