Purchase virtual 1-800 telephone number for US citizens

Freezvon presents convenient and productive feature as American toll-free number  

virtual 1-800 telephone numberSerious business is very thin and delicate deal where you need to be accurate, mobile and professional. You are always need to calculate every next step, because it can be always the last one. Talking about business development in USA, we may say that this country is built on business-minded ideas. From this article you are going to get more details concerning Americn toll-free number 1-800.

Honestly speaking, Americans are extremely creative in invention of something new for world sale marketing for example taxi and hostels for pets, sport activities on workplace, consulting via Internet (just imagine how many people need an advice in juristical, psychological or economical areas!). For any of these businesses the most profit-making choice is VoIP telephony that dilates the opportunities to lift up customers quantity and makes your corporation on the top of the best.

Toll free 1-800 numbers for US, work principles

Most forward-looking people choose popular toll free virtual numbers for their affairs. That’s multichannel number for receiving calls from customers. 1-800 numbers provide free calling for people who are making calls (customers), BUT the possessor is responsible for payments. The calls are rerouted to every needed destination for you as:

  • SIP (telephone facility that receives the calls to SIP account via such programs as Zoiper or X-lite . It’s out of charges);
  • Skype (calls will be forwarded to your Skype account.);
  • Another ordinary number you already have.

Besides, purchase of sim-cards or any other technical equipment is not in need anymore, because such 1-800 number has no physical bonding.

virtual 1-800 telephone number for USA

How much does cost Toll Free numbers in USA?

You can see here the cost of Toll Free 1800 number. Cost of call forwarding for such numbers are always charged per minutes from 0.1$ per min.

Affirmative marks of 1-800 virtual telephone number for US

Every statement needs the confirmation, so here you may check out the points making American 1-800 numbers profit-making in business deals:

  1. Free calls for clients;
  2. Online purchase of 1-800 number is possible;
  3. Cheap numbers for money saving;
  4. Comfortable courses of redirection;
  5. More calls from customers for your company;
  6. No sim-cards;
  7. No bound to any location;
  8. Numerous additional telephone services for 1-800 number;
  9. Available electronic paying systems.*

This list of pros is helpful for those who are ready to start its affairs successfully and with no doubts.

Another interesting additional telephone services

Buy in addition to your main number another telephone function:

  • Voicemail – voice messages about missed calls;
  • Call recording – possibility to tape info concerning calls;
  • Click to call – function of instant calling from the website;
  • Call back – calling in return;
  • Conditional call forwarding – redirection depending on date and time;
  • Cheap VoIP calls – making cheap calls service;
  • Call forwarding – ability to direct call to any chosen convenient course;
  • Conference call – conversation for multiple subscribers;
  • IVR menu – specific menu with successional steps described by pushing the buttons;
  • Welcome message – voice message for callers;
  • Background music – melodies replacing ordinary phone toots.

Order virtual 1-800 telephone number for US

Simplicity is above all things – our motto. We can prove it with our ordering system presented below:

  1. Set up to Freezvon.com;
  2. Get you cabinet and top up the balance;
  3. Pick up the country (in this case it’s USA);
  4. Select the type of numbers (toll free);
  5. Order now!

For questions we have 24-hours technical support department that are so delighted to give you the answers.