Buy IP-telephony services to fight misse calls

Each young or huge company cannot afford to miss even one call. It’s natural, because partners or customers can go to the rivals. What to do if lines or operators are engaged? We can find a lot of advices, but all solutions come to the only – IP-telephony. In the article we will try to find answers on the following questions:

  • What is IP-telephony and how does it work?
  • Which services are proposed on the market?
  • How to choose and buy IP-telephony services which suit to you?

How does IP-telephony operate?

In a few words, this technology allows to redirect information flow or voice to certain device using internet connection. It’s very utility service for business due to ability of keeping phone numbers after moving, applying to it on a rest or during business trips without detriment of your work.

A virtual phone number is considered to be the key advantage of IP-telephony. Buy IP-telephony services to feel a possibility to make calls on local tariffs without addition equipment and without physical presence in the location. So you can accept and make calls globally.

Which services are available on the market?

The main aim of the technology is simplifying and speeding up a work of an office. The accent is usually made on customers in order not to get new, maintain сurrent ones and provide the best service for them at maximum speed.

Here are some the most common services of IP-telephony:

  1. Multichannel virtual phone number. Order unlimited quantity of lines to accept all incoming calls. The calls are accepted by way of turn. More lines - bigger possibility not to lose your customer.
  2. Voice IVR menu. Let clients listen to company presentation instead of dull calls. The function allows the subscriber to manage menu and direct the call no necessary operator.
  3. Virtual PBX (Private Branch eXchange). The main difference is that you don’t have to set up complicated equipment and cables. All the system works over the internet.

Moreover, there are a lot of additional services, which can help you in doing business, such as:

Every company can choose those set of services, which will help its exact office. However, it’s necessary to approach the issue weighted in order to minimize company’s costs.

How to purchase IP-telephony services which suit to you?

Freezvon company proposes the lowest prices for the accommodations which help development of your business. It is easy to book any number on-line just for a couple of minutes following the next steps:

  1. Choose available number
  2. Register.
  3. Fill up the balance.
  4. Indent the number.

The company provides a wide range of ways of paying. In case of any questions, you can appeal to 24/7 support team.

Let your biz grow now. Increase the trust of the clients and sales. No doubt, IP-telephony promotes it! Good luck!