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With VoIP technologies you will set yourself free from boundaries separating you in communication.

Virtual telephone numbersIP-telephony today is a widely spread technology for communicative purposes. is a service, which provides its clients with a possibility to get acquainted with VoIP telephony. Our company takes honorable place among leading firms in sphere of telecommunications. We have a solid experience dealing with this field and create the best conditions for our constant and potential users. is a way to save money and time and enjoy communication with quality of high caliber. Forget about being bound to location, get rid of noise while talking because of poor quality, be always available for calls – that what you will get using our service.

We give an opportunity to buy virtual number which will help to keep in touch with important and serious people no matter where you are. Buy a local number of any country, which is available on our site (more than 90 locations). Be a part of any place in the world or travel without even moving somewhere.

Our company provides customers with several types of virtual numbers.

They are:

  1. Numbers for calls – receive calls any time it is convenient for you and make others think you are in the country you wish. Forwarding is a main feature, which makes this numbers function correctly. All incoming calls can be redirected to other phone (landline or mobile), Skype or SIP (SIP application, server, IP telephone ). Note that redirection to SIP and Skype is free. In order to make calls you should buy virtual number, set SIP or server, top up balance and then call.
  2. Numbers for sms – accept sms messages nevertheless where you are as if somewhere in a far away place. Sms messages can be readdressed to mobile, email or URL. Forwarding to email and URL are FREE of charge. It is possible to send sms from personal cabinet on Bulk sms sending is also possible. All you need is registration and money on balance.
  3. Numbers for calls and sms – integrated virtual telephone number which makes it possible to get both inbound calls and sms;
  4. Numbers for fax – receive fax messages to private email and be always aware of important information. Fax messages can be forwarded to email only and it is for FREE.
  5. Numbers for calls and fax – integrated number which combines opportunity to get calls and messages from fax;
  6. Toll free 800 numbers – numbers which will help to increase customers’ base as calls are free for those who make calls. Payment is to be performed by people who buy virtual number;
  7. Multi-channel numbers – virtual numbers with an option of having several landline phone lines and receive many calls simultaneously.

Our company strives for constant development and improvement of its service. We pay much attention to create perfect conditions for our clients. Our goal is customers’ satisfaction. That is why we try to add more possibilities for clients.

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Additional phone services from Freezvon

We’re delighted to present you such possibility as an option to have bonuses to numbers as additional services like:

  • Conditional call redirection – an ability to divert call including time/date parameters;
  • Conference call – an option permitting to have conversation with lots of subscribers;
  • Click to call – a button on site with what your subscribers could call you;
  • Welcome message – recorded voice message for greeting clients or other subscribers;
  • Cheap SIP calls – having SIP account you could make cheap telephone operations and ;
  • Voicemail – a special email that preserves voice messages from callers that could have called you.

That’s not the full listing of services we have. You could get familiarized with them looking here.

Among other advantages we can mention the following points

Be sure that our services, especially numbers will bring you only positive impressions and won’t leave you untouched:

  • Local number in any country;
  • Worldwide coverage;
  • Trust promotion;
  • Low rates;
  • Free forwarding of incoming calls to SIP or Skype;
  • Complex phone solutions;
  • Simplicity in use.

Furthermore, remember that we can solve all your problems. Technical support team is at your disposal all the time – day and night. appreciates customers’ wishes and tries to find most appropriate solution. Buy virtual number from us and taste all the benefits.

How is it possible to buy on

To buy virtual number customer should perform registration on our site (pointing exceptionally correct personal data as all information about number will be sent to email address mentioned in cabinet).

Then do the following regulations:

  1. Top up balance and order a number from our site. Price consists of set up and monthly fee. Moreover, there should be money on balance if you want to make outgoing calls;
  2. Pick the country you want to communicate with;
  3. Select the number type;
  4. Ordering starts.

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With the help of our service you will encounter numerous benefits while communication. If you buy virtual number on our site, you must be ready to high-quality connection.