Get a phone number without any technical device

It’s possible to purchase virtual telephone number without using facilities.

Get number easySo many people are using mobile connection providing to use several gadgets as smartphone, phones or tablets. That’s easy and convenient from the first sight, but it always requires to get SIM cards of different operators, which can be not beneficial because of prices or limited possibility of smartphone etc. That’s why there is solution known as VoIP telephony with numerous services that don’t demand any equipment, but just connection or installation and using.

It’s possible to connect lots of VoIP services with special station called PBX. That is a package with SIP-accounts, interactive menu with recorded voice, own IP-address, interior numbers for communication within the office, monitoring of calls and other services.

Using VoIP gives possibility to buy number without phone

VoIP technology does not require possessing neither a physical SIM-card nor a telephone. It allows providers to offer IP identity data, existing only in the form of numbers. Starting to use the number, a subscriber does not even require purchasing an IP-phone anymore. No extra equipment is needed to make VoIP calls except from computer. Upon having obtained direct DID number, get the SIP-settings, which are to be entered as an identification data into a free-downloadable application on your PC. This application makes sure that you are receiving calls via primary device.

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In case you want to redirect call to any other device, this is also possible due to calls diverting function available at the same provider. As a device for redirection an office phone, another fixed phone or mobile may be used. These are to be the real physical accessible devices for you to handle. Until you stay at your PC, there is no need to involve any other extra equipment. Here it is also possible to log into account from a friend’s computer.

Distinguish numbers according to various task

Business is preferred to enjoy a separate scope of contacts and operations, than one’s private affairs. So it is the special private number not to be disclosed to the occasional business connections, thus for networking purposes we normally render a secondary contact. A virtual number can be perfectly used for convenience, as well as for natural security and privacy reasons.

To make a special connection line, known to all your colleagues, partners or potential buyers, it’s the best to own a specific number. It may have nicely arranged digits or a toll-free option, so the clients would be able to reach you easily and free of cost. There are various types and options with DID local numbers to choose from.

For private affairs and leisure, connect a SIP-account to cover for all your communication needs. Once, have a number, precious people in the area will be able to dial you from their landline or regular cell without paying rates. The calls can be redirected to mobile or desktop based VoIP phones. Neither telephone line connection, nor SIM-card is needed to make cheap calls via Internet with the help of virtual DID-number.

Were you wondering if it is possible for you to make voice calls without having a physical phone number? Would you like to be able to receive inbound calls to your number and have the call appearing inside your PC or other electronic device in hand? Using a cell phone, a landline, or even a VoIP/SIP telephone service without a physical phone number has now become possible due to DID number option available.

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