Virtual phone numbers are now available for everyone

Services, based on VoIP-technology, is an excellent opportunity to communicate freely with the whole world. Now every citizen of any country of the world can buy a virtual phone number in any location.  A new English-language website of Telephonic Solutions LLP - was launched.

This event was expected and quite justified, because our company constantly strives to develop and acquire more new clients and partners. Everyday more and more subscribers are made sure of a  high quality of our services, a flexible price policy, which allows us to occupy a leading position in the telecom market. We assist to become cosmopolitans. Both physical persons and legal entities recommend us to their partners for help in doing business.

Virtual numbers and other popular services

Today the whole list of IP-telephony services becomes available for visitors of our website:

  1. Phone number, which is analogical to a direct city number. All the ingoing calls are redirected to a fixed or cell phone, PC, SIP-device. Prices for international and long-distance calls are much lower than ordinary phone tariffs due to IP-telephony technology.
  2. City phone number for accepting calls and SMS messages with forwarding to e-mail or a phone. Calls are forwarded to the device of your choice.
  3. Virtual fax (fax-to-email) allows to receive faxes only without receiving calls. Now you do not need to depend on a fax machine, busy line, consumables (fax paper, toner).
  4. Toll Free numbers 800 are characterized by the fact that the call is paid by the owner. So, a call is completely free for a caller.
  5. Number for sending and receiving SMS-messages can receive SMS and forward them to e-mail or cell-phone. Send SMS from the web-site via the internet at low cost from your personal cabinet.

English version of the web-site - – is aimed at conquering a new audience of customers and geographic expansion of providing telecommunications services. Now residents of Western Europe, America, Australia, Asia and even Africa can buy virtual phone number and enjoy our services.

In order to attract new customers we offer only the best conditions for partnership, we use modern telecommunication technologies, find comprehensive solutions for each client on personalized approach, we seek out the best combination of high-quality services and affordable prices, our technical support works for you 24/7. Contact us, if you have any questions.