Virtual sim-card – a phone number without sim-card

It's better to utilize virtual telephone numbers without SIM-cards

In the era of globalization, frequent travels and constant need to stay on-line with colleagues, partners, friends and family question of connection is vital. Modern technologies offer a wide range of different communication services, but often they cannot provide both cheap calls and worldwide coverage. Freezvon Company proposes simple, reliable and cheap communication solution accessible for everyone on-line. Buy a virtual SIM-card and get an opportunity to remain accessible around the world wherever you are. 

How does a virtual SIM-card work?

A subscriber chooses any available mobile number of any country. All the calls are forwarded from this to another number, SIP, Skype or other VoIP application of subscriber’s choice. In the same manner outgoing calls can be made. The number can be used for sending/bulking and receiving SMS, even accepting faxes to your e-mail. These services are based on IP/VoIP-technology using internet. World wire web makes coverage and connection possibilities almost unlimited.

Which benefits do virtual SIM-card bring to you?

Owners of virtual SIM-cards receive a possibility to use the most services, which are available for simple virtual numbers , so  order and enjoy any telephone service you wish. Buy a virtual SIM-card and take its advantages:

  1. Free forwarding of incoming calls. Obtain calls to Skype or SIP without additional payment.
  2. Worldwide coverage. Accept calls in any point of the globe.
  3. Local tariff for the caller. No additional fees.
  4. Costs control. After signing up in a personal cabinet on the subscriber will be able to look through the history of calls, expenditures and other statistical data.

The telephone service is very useful for private persons and people in business. Our company provides more wide range of products for corporate clients with full phone solution for an office.

Which other relevant services are provided?

For customer convenience other additional telephone services are offered:

  1. Voicemail . Let other subscribers leave messages for you, when you are not available.
  2. Greeting message . Set up any message you want the callers listen to.
  3. Recording of calls. Save your conversations for further analysis.
  4. Hold music . Music is better than boring calls.
  5. Blacklist/whitelist . Block annoying or unnecessary calls and prioritize incoming calls.
  6. Send/bulk SMS .
  7. Conditional call forwarding . Set up conditions of redirecting calls in certain time to certain device.

Virtual SIM-cards with additional services help people to communicate freely without borders. Allow people to stay in touch with you any time in any place in order to meet requirements of modern lifestyle and modern society. You will be pleased with our prices, virtual SIM-card is accessible for everyone now.