How to purchase virtual local or mobile numbers for any country for calls, SMS and fax

We are glad to see you on official website of Freezvon, where you can buy telephone numbers for various countries of Europe and the entire world. They can be as mobile as landline, making cheap calls, obtaining virtual PBX system and order 800 number. Our professional team offers VoIP services on market about 5 years all around the globe. Nowadays, everybody who needs a virtual number can buy it and use not only for progress and success in business, but for talking with relatives and friends.

You get not only cheap prices on  virtual numbers   and low rates on VoIP calls, but also can forget about complicated equipment, SIM cards or roaming. Virtual telephony with function of call-forwarding simplifies your work with clients in other world countries. Quality remains of high caliber, no matter to what device you forward calls and how far away you are. Having possibility to choose number from any of about 90 countries, the company provides opportunities for your telecommunication and abroad presence.

What is virtual number from Freezvon?

Virtual number is defined as a number in particular foreign country that looks like a usual number (with required country code, city or mobile operator), but serves to route calls to user’s existing number or other device due to call forwarding option and numerous possibilities.  IP telephony  provider offers possibility to set call forwarding to cell or local numbers, SIP device or Skype.

how to get a virtual number

Due to such kind of redirecting number owner is able to economize on cheap inbound calls or even do it for free with diverting to SIP and Skype. A variety of virtual numbers gives an opportunity to find the best way of talking. VoIP provider offers also SIP account that is free and created for making calls.

There are numerous types of virtual telephone numbers that we offer for:

  • Calls. Make and receive calls to SIP, Skype, other number in any point of the globe.
  • SMS. Receive messages to url, email or other number and make bulk SMS sending.
  • Calls and sms. Use this number for both calls and messages.
  • Fax. Receive fax to your e-mail and do not overload your phone line.
  • Calls and fax. Allows operating with both calls and fax.
  • Toll free 800 numbers. All the local calls are without extra paying for callers.
  • Multichannel numbers. Increase quantity of lines to which calls will be redirected.

All these number types are available on our service. Do not lose your chance to feel the real beauty of IP telecommunication, you will be definitely satisfied. Check the prices of virtual numbers clicking here.

How does Freezvon's virtual phone number work?

After choosing type of number and desired country, do not forget to set a method of call, SMS and fax receiving.

Calls will be received in 3 different ways:

To Skype: this type of forwarding is free practically for all countries (except toll free numbers). Set in a gap of “Forwarding” your Skype login.

To SIP: this redirecting will be free for almost all countries (except toll free). If you need to get SIP from us, then you do not need to write anything in “Forwarding” field. In this case, if you have already SIP-account, you need to indicate redirecting type.

SIP-account is a service with the help of what you will have a possibility not only to accept calls, but to make them. After registration all necessary settings will be sent to your email.

To alternate telephone: this type of number forwarding is paid for all number types and all countries. In a gap “Forwarding to phone number”, you need to write an existing number for calls receiving.

Receiving SMS is possible to:

Email address: this type of forwarding is free.After setting this forwarding process, remember about writing your email to what you will get SMS.

Phone number : Forwarding is out of charge. Please, indicate in special field your number to what call will come.

To URL:  SMS redirection is free to this course. For setting this type, just create a request in personal cabinet. After that you will obtain all settings for installation.

Fax forwarding is possible only to email.  

This redirection is free. Just set this kind of forwarding via personal cabinet, indicate you email to what you will receive fax letters.

Available countries, cities, operators for virtual numbers

In order to know a cost for virtual numbers pick from the form presented below a type of number, country, city or operator, after what you need to begin registering and number purchasing.

1- Choose The Type Of the number:

2- choose the country

3- choose the area

*If you need to get mobile virtual number, so just pick a country with the word “mobile” from the list. For example, Russia mobile, USA mobile, Armenia mobile etc. 

For number ordering recharge the balance with needed sum. All available payment methods you can find via personal cabinet. For juridical persons it’s possible to get sales invoice. 

How to obtain a virtual number online?

engine to choose virtual phone number Simply complete these steps:

  1. Register to official site;
  2. Top up a balance;
  3. Choose area (city or mobile operator), type of forwarding (to SIP, Skype, phone number, SMS to email, Fax to email, etc.)
  4. Put your destination details.
  5. Confirm the ordering.

A number will be activated within 24 hours. You will receive a notification about your number to your email. In case of some unclear situations connected with your purchase, address to out specialists. 

Buy virtual phone number

 Using virtual number you can make outbound calls

For this you need to get SIP account, creating a request in personal cabinet, if you do not have anymore. You can obtain SIP-account freely with purchase of virtual number. Or just connect an account separately. After ordering of number, you will be able to call subscribers from different regions and countries at cheap rates. This advantage is provided by VoIP telephony. Your number (Caller ID) will be displayed while calling. 

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Do you have some questions?

The support of is always ready to help you. Round the clock technical team is always online for consultation, so, feel free to ask and apply for consultation. We are always happy to help you. Possible ways to connect support team: email, Skype, live chat and telephone. 

Hesitating? Ask your questions to our specialist. You are free to contact our 24/7 support team on any issue.

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Additional phone services for virtual phone number

Except virtual telephone numbers, you can always order some supplementary phone services for comfortable, high-quality communication. Due to our service you will see how simple it can be to communicate. We offer such of them as:

  • voicemail - forwarding to email when the number is switched off or unanswered;
  • IVR menu - smart voice menu that directs calls to special department;
  • greeting messages - voice message listened by callers;
  • call recording - the recording of all calls you need;
  • click to call - opportunity to call directly from the web site;
  • callback - incoming calls for both subscribers;
  • call history - all detailed information about calls;
  • hold music - music tones instead of boring and monotonous sounds;
  • conference call - possibility to communicate with several subscribers;
  • blacklist/whitelist creation - blocking of unnecessary calls;
  • send/bulk sms - sending sms to one or several abonents;
  • call forwarding - possibility to receive calls on the most comfortable device;
  • conditional call forwarding - forwarding of calls according to various parameters (date, time etc.);
  • cheap SIP/VoIP calls - outgoing calls using SIP for low rates.
  • Virtual PBX system - a packet of additional services for telecommunication goals.