How to purchase virtual numbers for easy communication

Utilization of VoIP numbers opens every door in world of modern technologies

buy virtual telephone numberCommunication is in contemporary world irreplaceable thing. Without intercommunicating no relationships are possible either personal or business professional  sphere. Technology of virtual telephony is currently a helping hand for people who need to be always accessible in spite of the territory. IP telephony  is a breakthrough in advanced technologies. No business can be conducted without it. Constant connection with clients and colleagues is extremely valuable. Start using virtual telephone numbers and you can immediately see how simple and easy it is!

You get not only cheap prices on  virtual numbers   and low rates on VoIP calls, but also can forget about complicated equipment, SIM cards or roaming. Virtual telephony with function of call-forwarding simplifies your work with clients in other world countries. Quality remains of high caliber, no matter to what device you forward calls and how far away you are. Having possibility to choose number from any of about 90 countries, the company provides opportunities for your telecommunication and abroad presence.

What is virtual number from Freezvon?

It is defined as a number in particular foreign country that looks like a usual number (with required country code, city or mobile operator), but serves to route calls to user’s existing number or other device due to call forwarding option and numerous possibilities.  IP telephony  provider offers possibility to set call forwarding to cell or local numbers, SIP device or Skype.

how to get a virtual number

Due to such kind of redirecting number owner is able to economize on cheap inbound calls or even do it for free with diverting to SIP and Skype. A variety of virtual numbers  gives an opportunity to find the best way of talking. VoIP provider offers also SIP account that is free and created for making calls.

There are numerous types of virtual telephone numbers that we offer for:

  • Calls. Make and receive calls to SIP, Skype, other number in any point of the globe.
  • SMS. Receive messages to url, email or other number and make bulk SMS sending.
  • Calls and sms. Use this number for both calls and messages.
  • Fax. Receive fax to your e-mail and do not overload your phone line.
  • Calls and fax. Allows operating with both calls and fax.
  • Toll free 800 numbers. All the local calls are without extra paying for callers.
  • Multichannel numbers. Increase quantity of lines to which calls will be redirected.

All these number types are available on our service. Do not lose your chance to feel the real beauty of IP telecommunication, you will be definitely satisfied. Check the prices of virtual numbers clicking here.

How does Freezvon's virtual phone number work?

Various types of numbers works differently. But one and common option due to which process goes right is forwarding. User does not need to buy any special equipment and SIM cards in order to maintain this number. It's possible to receive  calls which can be redirected to mobile or landline phone, SIP or Skype. If you want to make outgoing calls you have to create request from our site for personal SIP account, set SIP application or server. Be sure that you have money on your account and then make necessary call – weather local or international. To make SIP calls is not difficult and costs not much.  

how virtual number works

If you want to buy VoIP virtual number for sms you should understand how it works. You can receive sms messages with the help of forwarding to another number (for low rates), email or URL (free of charge). It is very convenient to have such kind of number if you prefer to use sms as communication type. In order to send sms you should have your personal account where you will find such option. Moreover, you can make bulk sms sending – send one message for several people simultaneously. 

Advantages of virtual telephony and VoIP services

Virtual telephony has a lot of advantages against usual telephony. Having a virtual DID number, you can see how it is convenient to talk to people from everywhere around the universe. Among the benefits of IP-telephony are such:

  • Possibility to call at local low rates;
  • Ability to get additional services for VoIP numbers;
  • Absence of attachment to physical place;
  • NO SIM-cards or other appliances;
  • Cheap calls to abroad;
  • High connection quality;
  • Helpful resource for business development;
  • Principle of forwarding to convenient destination.

With all these priorities, it’s possible to ameliorate telecommunication process and maintain relations with important people from foreign countries.

virtual telephone numbers for business

Why should you trust us?

In searching of the most appropriate company each client may count on Clients’ satisfaction stands for us on the first place. We always try to do our best to improve our service as only we offer:

  • the connection quality guarantee for numbers we provide;
  • big choice of virtual numbers in any country for each kind;
  • free SIP account for receiving and making calls;
  • wide choice of additional phone services available for connection, most of which are free;
  • 24/7 online support always ready to answer all questions and help our clients;
  • guarantee of safety and confidentiality of personal data;
  • individual approach to each client for choosing the best number for their needs.

Decide in favor of our company and your talk may become simpler than you may even imagine, as all these points are guaranteed by our company. 

Choose a necessary number and check its price online

engine to choose virtual phone number Simply follow the steps:

  1. Choose a number type (calls, sms, calls+sms, calls+fax, toll free or fax).
  2. Country of a number.
  3. Area (city or mobile operator).
  4. Type of forwarding (to SIP, Skype, phone number, SMS to email, Fax to email, etc.)
  5. Put your destination details.
  6. Find out the price of the number.

Everything fits you - buy the chosen number. Simply sign up HERE, fill up your account and order the number via profile (detailed instruction is given below).

Buy virtual phone number

 Virtual telephony world practice

Examples of successful virtual number use can be found everywhere among huge companies and small firms, people in business and students. The technology opens borders for development of companies around the globe not depending on a country of origin, thus entering new markets becomes easier and promotes rivalry growth. In such a simple way virtual phone numbers can influence goods proposition and their quality globally. International cooperation, study and trade can become closer for you too.

We do our best to satisfy our subscribers in order they recommend their friends and partners to buy phone numbers from our company. We cooperate with many partners, who use our services and enjoy benefits from VoIP-telephony quite long period of time. Buy virtual phone numbers to become closer to world of business leaders and ultramodern people. Cosmopolitans nowadays obtain more abilities and require appropriate communication means like virtual phone numbers with all their additional possibilities.

How to get a virtual telephone number?

There are some recommendations that help to receive virtual number from Freezvon Company. Follow them right now:

1. Registration and getting access to account.

2. Recharging the balance.

3. Ordering the number.

how to get virtual telephone numbers

Sign up and get a virtual number NOW!

Additional phone services for virtual phone number

Except virtual telephone numbers, you can always order some supplementary phone services for comfortable, high-quality communication. Due to our service you will see how simple it can be to communicate. We offer such of them as:

  • voicemail - forwarding to email when the number is switched off or unanswered;
  • IVR menu - smart voice menu that directs calls to special department;
  • greeting messages - voice message listened by callers;
  • call recording - the recording of all calls you need;
  • click to call - opportunity to call directly from the web site;
  • callback - incoming calls for both subscribers;
  • call history - all detailed information about calls;
  • hold music - music tones instead of boring and monotonous sounds;
  • conference call - possibility to communicate with several subscribers;
  • blacklist/whitelist creation - blocking of unnecessary calls;
  • send/bulk sms - sending sms to one or several abonents;
  • call forwarding - possibility to receive calls on the most comfortable device;
  • conditional call forwarding - forwarding of calls according to various parameters (date, time etc.);
  • cheap SIP/VoIP calls - outgoing calls using SIP for low rates.
  • Virtual PBX system - a packet of additional services for telecommunication goals.

The support of is always ready to help you. Round the clock technical team is always online for consultation, so, feel free to ask and apply for consultation. We are always glad to help you. Possible ways to connect support team: email, Skype, live chat and usual phone. 

Hesitating? Ask your questions to our specialist. You are free to contact our 24/7 support team on any issue.

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