VoIP services working thanks to call forwarding

Using diversion of calls economize means and don’t lose calls from important subscribers.

Virtual phone numberCall Divert is a service that redirects their calls to an alternate number. It gets calls and divert them to various directions. It can be any phone, any personal or pocket computer, SIP-device or IP-telephone. Call Divert services works together with numbers and other options from Freezvon. The main plus of such service with number is that some of ways of redirections is free, without paying more for calls. One of the most important benefit with Divert to SIP is that the SIP account from Freezvon is free for its creation.

PBX system created in order to replace old slow telephony, it consists of several VoIP services as own IP-address, unlimited SIP-accounts, internal numbers for free conversations and other services as voicemenu, greeting message , background music etc. Check out the whole info picture here. Try this attractive facility of IP telephony and regulate telecommunication faster.  

Call forwarding VoiP service – great profit and convenience

It’s possible to connect all virtual numbers in one network. That enables you to increase the efficiency of calls. Moreover, this number will never be busy, so it means that none of calls will be missed. The call redirection service is very convenient as it has no direct connection to a common telephony network. Redirection process doesn’t depend upon company's actual address because the readdressing numbers can be kept by the company’s owner even in case of moving.

Virtual number with call forwarding

When buying a number, which belongs to any foreign country, promote corporation on another market as well as get  customers. Each person calling will think they dial to local fixed number. Price will be calculated according to local telephony tariffs. It will significantly reduce costs on telephony using phone readdressing service. When divert to phone is twice lower than usual one, SIP, Skype redirection is free.

Number services: main principles, call diversion set up and directions

For using such option, it’s obligatory to make some activities:

  1. Register on our website to get access to personal account;
  2. Specify an actual e-mail, as a letter about registration on the official website and new account will be sent to e-mail;
  3. After getting this letter, each user gets access to personal account.

It’s possible to buy VoIP products for more than 80 countries, set up diversion options, buy additional services, such as call statistics, caller ID service, which includes caller identification.

Various courses of diverting option

If you decide to buy a VoIP number, it will be wonderful to set up routing immediately. It’s possible to set up call distribution according to daytime and weekends, create customer lists, such as VIP, white or black lists. As it was mentioned above, using a number, set up call divert to several directions, such as:

  • Local or a cellphone. It is a number connected to a common telephony network or a mobile operator. In order to set diversion to it, you have to specify numbers, in the distinctive international format;
  • Voice mail and text message exchange via Skype. It enables you to get calls by means of a computer. The only thing, which is necessary is diversion to Skype login, installed Skype program and connected earphones to make a talk more comfortable;
  • SIP-device. To set up forwarding to a SIP-device, you need a SIP-account, IP-telephone program, so-called soft phone or connected hardware-controlled SIP-telephone. In your personal account, you specify an account number in a diversion line;
  • Voicemail . This kind of diversion enables caller to leave a voice message, which will be sent to another e-mail, to be more exact, to the receiver's e-mail. This voice message will be kept there in a voice recording format, which can be listened through by the e-mail owner anytime.

As you can see, there is a wide range of courses. For example, the system will call the numbers, according to the alphabet order, or in case number overcharged, it will call on the next one in the list. Enjoy communication without boundaries now!

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