Get call forwarding option for virtual services

With forwarding of calls virtual phone number work could be trouble-free and correct.

call forwarding

As it is known, virtual telephony works thanks to call forwarding . It allows the user of virtual number to travel, to move to another country on long-term living or even permanent residence, to go on holidays, business trips, to open new company’s filiations abroad, but still to communicate cheap with family, clients, partners etc. Did your company have to change its address and thus look for new phone number? We have a ready-made solution for you! Check info presented below.

From this article you are going to get info concerning call forwarding option and its preferences. It should be said that such numbers work thanks to redirecting of calls to appropriate destination courses. Let's find out together how to make telecommunication with telephone services of Freezvon better.

What is call forwarding function from Freezvon?

Virtual telephony shows us that communication can be simple and of high quality. To manage this technology correctly you have to be aware of the meaning of virtual number as IP-telephony functions due to it.

Forwarding of incoming calls

Consequently, this is a number, which works with the help of redirecting option. Calls, messages, faxes can be redirected to device and people who make calls or write messages to you will think that you are a habitant of that country which number you use. All this is accessible due to redirection of calls feature for numbers.

Call forwarding for virtual numbers working principles

This service has ability to transmit calls to special courses. offers some types of calls redirection that can be chosen by the user of number. Let’s examine every of them:

Forwarding to phoneTo phone – It’s possible to set the diverting to any phone, for example to office phone, and to accept all calls in the way like usual and common local telephony. The calls are rated according to local rates.

Forwarding to SkypeTo Skype – Skype is widely used application all over the world. Your subscriber calls like on usual local number, and accept calls on Skype. It requires having access to Internet. Redirection is free.

Forwarding to SIPTo SIP application – SIP applications, such as Zoiper , Xlite , have also to get calls. This application can be set up to phone or laptop, tablet. The readdressing to SIP app is also free. This app can be also used for making outgoing calls.

Forwarding to IP telephoneTo IP telephone – offers for such companies possibility to readdress all calls to such IP phone. Getting free SIP account, such telephones are also very simple in settings and easy in usage.

Forwarding to AsteriskTo Asterisk Our company also gives opportunity to set this function to company’s server (Asterisk) for receiving free incoming calls.

Quality of connection doesn’t depend on the device.

Costs for call forwarding function

In additional to all these, your charges will reduce twice. Using this feature, economize on phone services bills or even save on inbound calls, as destination to SIP and Skype is free. Virtual numbers with option of this option have a lot of benefits, which you will certainly feel using our feature. Call forwarding to mobile or traditional apparatus are possible for low rates. We appreciate desires of our clients and do our best for their satisfaction. Pay for our service by WebMoney, Perfect Money, PayPal, using credit cards or with help of bank transfer. All prices for numbers you can see here.

How to obtain call forwarding service by Freezvon?

Before setting, it's obligatory to buy a VoIP number. Just follow appropriate scheme and instructions:

1. Register to official website;

2. Recharge the balance with needed sum;

3. Get the number;

4. Send us a request after number connection.

Number will be connected during 24-hours. It’s possible to change readdressing any time on personal profile. Start communication with Contact technical specialists via livechat, Skype, email or by phone. 

Additional telephone services for virtual numbers

VoIP-technology permits to provide a wide range of extras for virtual numbers, thus the owner can even set up a full call center with optional office telecom solutions. You may order and use:

  • voicemail (ability to leave voice messages);
  • greeting message (make a short presentation of your business for callers);
  • hold music (melodies help to keep clients put on hold);
  • conference call (simultaneous communication with several subscribers);
  • IVR (allows to manage a voice menu and choose a necessary department);
  • real time reporting (a detailed list of calls made and received);
  • call recording (for resolving of misunderstandings and staff controlling);
  • click to call (so visitors can dial directly from your website);
  • callback (possibility to order a call, which is free for both sides);
  • send/bulk SMS (attract new clients or share your news by means of text messages).

VoIP has the same range of functions as a usual telephony, but for less money and with bigger opportunities. You may order the services mentioned above directly from the personal cabinet on

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