Call recording as a corporate influence tool

Most of modern middle and big companies have their call center to stay in touch with buyers, solve their problems, receive feedback, sale goods and services. However, many operators are not interested in good customer service and do not pay necessary attention to each caller. 

Besides, many managers, entrepreneurs and employees face controversial situations in their business practices. Automatic recording of telephone conversations will help solve this problem. Order call recording enables monitoring of employees’ work, track-founded or unfounded claims of clients, check the correctness of orders in case of a conflict with supplier. 

What is call recording by Freezvon Company?

Recording phone conversations is an additional service of VoIP-telephony by Freezvon. It is connected by a request of our client after activation of a basic service - a virtual phone number. All the extras are connected to it.

Call recording is carried out automatically. To make the service work in the way you need - you have to configure the recording settings in the user's personal account.

For example, recording may be performed only during business hours or on certain devices. It is also possible to record only incoming / outgoing calls. This service provides an opportunity for manipulation, adapting to each particular user.

Automatic call recording: how it works

Call recording is carried out thanks to the dedicated software which is integrated with your telecommunications system by our specialists. Further, all transactions will be automatically processed by a server.

After a   virtual number activation and connecting additional services you can configure the required settings manually. This will allow not to record only but also to listen to conversations in real time.

The program used to integrate with the communication system is licensed and reliable. Overall quality of service is already appreciated by many of our clients.

Recording phone conversations: its benefits

Automatic recording of telephone conversations provide corporate users numerous advantages, such as:

  1. The possibility of wiretapping conversations in real time.
  2. Conflicts prevention.
  3. Protecting company interest.
  4. Staff control.
  5. Complaints analysis.
  6. Customer service improvement.
  7. Loss prevention.

As mentioned above, you can listen to conversations in real time. Many conflicts can be avoided, if you are aware of how employees communicate with customers, their answers, etc. Besides, you will be able to analyze how justified customer complaints are. It allows to prioritize correctly.

In case of conflicts with suppliers, disputes about incorrect orders or any non-compliance with formal obligations recorded telephone conversations can become a shield, which protects your company from losses. Moreover, it is better to be guided by facts than emotions in such situations. Call recording can help to minimize the human factor.

Call recording: optional services

Freezvon Company renders to order call recording and other additional useful services for virtual numbers:

  • calls history (statistics of calls);
  • call forwarding (redirection to any device);
  • greeting message (a short presentation of your company);
  • blacklist/whitelist (block and prioritize callers);
  • IVR menu (allow your clients to manage a voice menu and choose necessary department or operator);
  • etc.

The list is not limited. You are free to contact our 24/7 support team to ask any questions before purchase. We assist our clients every moment in every country. Be sure – it worth its money!