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Call recording service for virtual numbers

International telephony is growing with huge steps and a choice of possible international communication  means increases also. However, very often business require official numbers and numbers with call forwarding virtual numbers offer such possibilities. Besides, virtual telephony permits to get local numbers in foreign countries, so you can create a local appearance. From this article you will learn more about this telephone feature, so try it now.

Moreover, the IP-technology makes a lot of additional phone services possible. Nowadays more companies prefer to use recording of calls during conversations. You may try to call a bank, a supermarket or a big online shop and hear the voice message that the conversation can be recorded. This phenomenon is usual for modern running of business. And not even usual landline and mobile operators offer such service. VoIP telephony also has such possibility as the recording of calls. But what is the aim of this service and how to get more using it? Let’s consider this issue in more details.

Call recording benefits

The service of call recording from VoIP provider bears a lot of functional possibilities depending on the aim of its usage. We can select commercial aims first of all. It can be used to fix the orders from clients. There are a lot of situations, when for example, the client speaks very quietly or it is impossible to understand him for the first time. Operator may also not have a time to write the order as the customer was in hurry and didn’t repeat the order. Call recording helps to specify these and other information in such a way. 

Using call recording tool managers of the company can also control the work of its employees. As during the work there can be various mistakes from the operator’s side, and recordings can help to monitor them and rise the quality of customer service. Managers can also use the records for solution of moot points with clients and partners in order to avoid misunderstandings. Successful phone conversation can also be an example of effective work during different extension courses. As you see, the sphere of usage of call recording is very huge. 

Besides, the Freezvon Company sets up this phone service in such a way that all records are forwarded to user’s email. So, all information (date, duration, numbers, the audio itself) is very easy to reach. The audio files are saved in very comfortable formats and are easy to resend to other company’s employees if necessary. The person can also choose a type of calls he/she wants to record – incoming or outgoing, or even both kinds. 

Other options contiguous to call recording

As it seen, there are a lot of benefits of this service. And we offer you to try call recording for private aims and make sure in effective work of the service. Moreover Freezvon Company customers often order additional services with call recording:

  • IVR-menu (voice menu for callers convenience and speed of connection with a necessary department or an operator);
  • greeting message (any short information you want to share with people, who dial you number and hear the message);
  • call reporting (data about incoming and incoming calls made including all the essential details);
  • hold music (so subscribers put on hold can listen to the music instead of silence or boring beeps and stay on the line longer);
  • voicemail (unanswered calls are not a problem – simply allow your callers to leave messages for you and listen them from your email);
  • conference calls (for frequent simultaneous multiuser conversations);
  • blacklist (permits to block undesired calls);
  • whitelist (allows prioritizing of the callers, when two or more subscribers are on the line);
  • click-to-call (so visitors can call you from your website);
  • callback (for companies, which care about clients’ costs). 

So this is not the only useful option for you or your business. With help of Freezvon Company you can arrange a full-scale international or regional call center without expensive complicated equipment and save a lot on telephony spendings.

How to order call recording?

It’s necessary to point out, that extra services including call recording are switched to your virtual number from So, in order to buy virtual phone number you have to make a few simple steps right from your home or an office over the Internet:

  1. Register on
  2. Fill up your balance.
  3. Order the necessary number.
  4. Set up forwarding.

Freezvon Company support specialists connect numbers within 24 hours after the order. Now you can switch any additional option including call recording with a simple written request from your profile on and your service will be ready shortly (not more than 24 hours). We are always glad and ready to offer our help in choosing appropriate virtual numbers and extras, that’s why you are free to appeal to us 24/7.

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