Get Cambodia virtual number for big opportunities 

In business or during a trip virtual phone number for Cambodia will be of service to you.

Combodian virtual numbers

If you are going to travel to Cambodia, you need some means of further communication with people from there. After returning home it will be very expensive to stay in contact with habitants of this country. A virtual number for Cambodia will go to an aid for you. Cambodia is a very beautiful and interesting country on the East-West part of Asia, on the east part of Indochina semi-island, with the capital Phnom Penh. Obtain virtual number for Cambodia and talk to citizens of this country.

Among other captivating VoIP services, Freezvon has a power to give you a whole collection of telephone services called IP PBX station embracing such of them as IP address, call statistics, voice menu, internal numbers for employees, SIP accounts etc.

Cambodia Kingdom is constitutional monarchy; king is the head of the state. Cambodia is a unique cultural heritage well-known all over the world due to its amazing natural beauty, exciting temples, rich rice fields and interesting history. Charming Cambodia Kingdom attracts attention of exotics and ancient history curious lovers. Attention is mostly attracted by ancient heritage of empires, which were cultural centers of Asia long time ago.

What are Cambodia virtual number and work principles?

This number has code +855 and works on basis of calls, SMS and faxes diverting to any special course as:

  1. URL (SMS);
  2. E-mail (SMS and faxes);
  3. SIP (calls);
  4. Skype (calls).

Forwarding to mobile or existing number can be performed for low rates. Prices you can see here. Redirection to SIP and Skype is free destination. They don’t require SIM cards or other appliances. If you are looking for cheap and easy means of communication – DID number for Cambodia for calls is a great solution.

Virtual phone number for Cambodia

What types of virtual numbers for Cambodia exist?

Try to select more appropriate number for utilizing in talking. They could be fitting to any of person’s needs.

They are for:

  • Calls;
  • Fax;
  • SMS;
  • Fax and Calls/SMS and Calls;
  • Multichannel numbers (with multiple lines);
  • Toll free 800 numbers (possible free calls for subscribers).

Benefits of Freezvon virtual number usage

It greatly simplifies the situation if you need to constantly stay in touch with people from there. Apart from receiving inbound calls, you will have an opportunity to make abroad calls for low rates and with high quality connection.

So the advantages of virtual numbers for calls are:

  • You are not bound to the location;
  • There is no need to buy supplementary equipment;
  • Low prices on numbers and other services;
  • Quality of the highest caliber;
  • Cheap redirecting of calls;
  • Additional services (see all of them here);
  • Involving more clients;
  • Accordingly, more profit;
  • We provide only sustainable virtual numbers;
  • Chance for you to make cheap abroad calls.

With the help of number for Cambodia you will experience all these advantages and will see that we provide only the best communicative conditions. Order additional services (conditional call redirecting, hold music , IVR menu or even virtual IP PBX) and enjoy the quality.

Purchasing process for virtual number?

For better understanding process of telephone number buying look through the following instructions. That will not take much time from you and the procedure is as simple as twice two makes four.

These steps are:

  1. Get own profile after registering;
  2. Put in balance some cash for further utilization;
  3. Pick «Cambodia” and number type;
  4. Ordering procedure has been started.

If you want to order some additional services, from you personal account write a request to a support team with detailed information about a service you want to set to your virtual phone number. If you have some questions, also contact with our technical support experts any time.

How to buy a virtual number in Cambodia Buy Cambodian virtual number

Available area codes and costs for Cambodia numbers

To know how correctly make use of virtual phone numbers for Cambodia you should be aware of possible calling codes of different areas. They are the following:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Phnom Penh 23 15 75 + - -