Cheap abroad calls via VoIP telephony

How to make cheap international calls to another country from VoIP.

Buy number for cheap callsToday we live in twenty first century when almost everything has become possible. Communication without obstacles is one of prerogatives, which is given to us in contemporary world. Weather you are parted by ocean or land, stay in touch and pay not so much. Virtual telephony helps to be everywhere being in one place and make cheap calls to any place. Compose new relations thanks to IP-telephony with Freezvon solutions. 

Big collection of such services could be found in package called IP PBX system. That’s a choice for everybody who wants to increase subscribers quantity and improve telecommunication on internal and external level. There are some of them as SIP accounts, IP address, voicemenu, greeting message and other options.

What is VoIP in telecommunication sphere?

This technology makes calls be placed via Internet rather than via usual landline network. Thus, you can be sure that with its help you will be able to make cheap calls. The largest plus of abroad calls made with VoIP is that you have a choice of buying a number to that very country.

How make cheap calls

How does it work?

You can make calls with help of SIP. It can be SIP application, server, IP telephone . Using it, any customer can arrange abroad calls. Having bought a number in a desired country a client has an opportunity to use Caller ID – due to which it will be visible to a person whom you are calling to. If CallerID is hidden there is no way subscriber can call you back later.

How to dial a number?

Demands of how to make an abroad call from VoIP are same as standard dialing. You should know prefix of dial, and then enter code of country and accurate location (area) and finally number. You do not have to enter 0 or + while dialing desired number. To make cheap calls abroad from VoIP is easy and there is no necessity to look for special equipment. You should remember that you also do not have to buy SIM-cards to make calls.

What is cost of this facility?

On subscriber personal account, observe costs of outcoming calls. Just enter any country you need and you will see how much you will have to pay for it. In such situation ''cheap'' means really money-saving. Costs of international calls are affordable to everyone. Our service will help to get a special number to arrange such calls anytime you want.

Individual requirements concerning VoIP utilization

The thing you should remember is web connection. If you want to hear and be heard with high quality – pay attention to web work. Any interruptions can be caused by poor connection. Do not let such situation spoil conversation. Due to our service, make calls to any course. VoIP technology presented by our company makes it possible to contact with a wide quantity of countries. Feel free to stay in touch with important people without paying through nose.

Additional phone services

Having virtual number order additional services, which are available on our site. They will help to improve communication process. It can be useful to utilize such possibilities as:

  1. Call history – where you can see all calls made by you;
  2. Calls recording – ability to record necessary calls;
  3. Conference call – opportunity to add more subscribers to talk. These possibilities are accessible for making calls, the whole list you can see here.

Benefits of making abroad calls from VoIP

Using our feature to make foreign calls will show you that we provide our clients with numerous benefits. To make cheap calls is possible – you can try it and will see. So, the main goods presented to our customers are:

  • low costs – make calls and pay less;
  • high communication quality – ability to talk and do not worry about missing important information;
  • opportunity to be always on a line;
  • make cheap calls to everywhere.

Purchasing virtual number procedure

Buy virtual phone number facility, which you can order on our site. For this you need to:

  1. Register on site;
  2. Top up balance;
  3. Order number.

These three steps are obligatory before making international foreign calls. Make sure you follow instructions. VoIP technology is available to everyone.

Process of virtual number purchase and SIP setting is not difficult. Remember that you can always talk to our support team when you face misunderstanding or need some help in solving your problem. Technical support works around the clock – so do not worry about the time!

How to buy a virtual number for calls Buy a virtual number for international calls