Cheap SIP and VoIP calls via IP telephony

Methods of making cheaper SIP VoIP calls are extremely favorable for economizing goals.

Outgoing callsNowadays the usage of VoIP technologies as the main channel for calls is becoming more and more popular. Quality connection remains unchangeably high, and data is transmitted through a protected channel, which guarantees security and confidentiality of conversations. Furthermore, it is absolutely unnecessary to buy additional equipment and attachment of telephone lines for making calls. From this article you're going to learn about instructions concerning SIP feature utilization.

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To make cheap calls via SIP protocol you can use a softphone that is successfully installed on suitable device. In both cases, a user must create and connect his SIP account. In case if a customer does not have SIP account it may be created on our company’s server, and a user gets all the data for SIP telephones settings. Those users who already have SIP account from one of other providers just should give their data for forwarding settings.

Free call forwarding to SIP account

If a customer wants to make really cheap calls abroad and receive free inbound calls without buying additional equipment, he should use SIP telephones or softphones. Today, such programs as X-Lite , Zoiper are freely accessible and can be freely downloaded on the Web. After downloading and installing a softphone on a laptop, computer or smartphone, it’s necessary to enter all the possible settings.

Free call forwarding

Softphone installation doesn’t take much time, all that is necessary is to fill in some lines with data:

  • SIP login;
  • catchword;
  • SIP server name.

After that you get a possibility to make call operations via IP protocol.

If a user does not have virtual phone number, a random number will be displayed as a Caller ID. If it is necessary to have a particular number to make calls, you should get a virtual number . In this case, the number  you have bought will be shown as a Caller ID.

All inbound calls received on account from a virtual VoiP number will be extremely cheap. After all a subscriber does not pay for inbound call minutes, i.e he can enjoy unlimited pleasant conversations. Outgoing intercity and international call rates are lower by several times than analog calls using landline phone service.

IP telephony gives a possibility to enjoy free calls and unlimited communication.

Purchasing of virtual number with readdressing to SIP

Before picking upon a redirection of calls to SIP, it’s obligatory to make a purchase of virtual number. is glad to present the easiest procedure of getting it. Be sure in that on your own:

  1. Enter personal data and create profile on official website;
  2. Recharge balance for further number usage;
  3. Ordering is done.

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In confusing situations it’s always great when somebody is able to support. In such cases technical professionals are open for questions 24 hours per day via livechat, Skype or mail.

Buy a virtual number with cheap SIP and VoIP calls