Cheap VoIP SIP calls for foreign countries

SIP-telephony gives an opportunity to make abroad calls at low tariffs everywhere.

SIP for callsModern smart telephone technologies and the possession of access to Internet gives everybody opportunity to communicate cheap and without any problems. Every user of can find profits from usage of cheap international calls. Now customers can not only accept cheap (or even free) calls, but also make them. Our company gives every interested person in cheap calls a chance to make long distance calls from any point of our world and in any comfortable time.

An ability to connect with foreigners is also possible with installation of virtual PBX station. It’s like a package of VoIP services as voicemenu, illimited SIP-accounts, numbers for internal and external talks, categorization of subscribers, IP address, number for sale and others according to tastes and demands.

The great opportunity of making calls is available thanks to smart VoIP technologies. Using SIP applications ( Zoiper , Xlite etc.), IP telephones, Asterisk system and free SIP account from, everybody can start to communicate cheaply as soon as possible.

What is virtual DID number?

It has calling code of country and its work is based on readdressing of calls (but also SMS and fax) to needed course. This number doesn’t require SIM-cards or other appliances. Main preference of this number is in absence of physical bounding to location. Everything you need is Internet connection. Being closer to people from every point of Universe.

How to get calls from all over the world?

It’s very convenient to receive inbound calls from abroad. Redirecting of calls can be of several types. If you want to be always accessible, you need diverting of incoming calls to cell. Also, there is an opportunity to forward calls to usual landline – but if you are not very often at home it is not convenient. Calls redirection to cell or local numbers is cheap and rates you can see here.

Make a cheap call

There is also redirection to SIP and Skype – in such case constant access to Internet is needed. If you find this kind of redirection convenient for you – use it. Moreover, calls redirecting to SIP and Skype is not paid.

How to make cheap abroad calls?

VoIP numbers allow not only receiving international calls for low rates but also make needed calls to anyone. There can appear situation when you personally face a necessity to make cheap call to someone and do not know how to do it. As we know, traditional way of making abroad calls is very expensive. In order to perform a call to another country you are to have number for calls from us. Then follow these steps:

  1. Write a request to our support team for SIP-account from us;
  2. Set SIP or server (see here how to do it);
  3. Top up balance;

The following scheme is obligatory if you want to feel all benefits of this communication. Our technical support team is always available and ready to discuss all your questions and help you.

Benefits of virtual numbers for making calls is providing its clients exceptionally with the better offers. We put our customers on the first place and try to satisfy all their wishes and requests. See and experience all advantages of using such technology.

So, preferences are the following:

  • Local number in any country;
  • Worldwide coverage;
  • Trust promotion;
  • Low rates;
  • Free forwarding of incoming calls to SIP or Skype;
  • Complex phone solutions;
  • Simplicity in use;
  • High quality connection;

Taking all these benefits into consideration you can now see that our service is really profitable, convenient and helpful for everyone. Do not lose your chance to see how all it works and be sure that we offer only the best.

Become an owner of VoIP number

As you can see, the list of countries and possible directions is unrestricted. The user of SIP account can call whenever he/she wants, but don’t worry about roaming, SIM-cards, or special equipment. All these are not possible when the matter is about virtual telephony. To call cheap to any subscriber from any country is possible and simple with services.

In order to get virtual phone number for this purpose you need to:

  1. Register to;
  2. Get access to your account;
  3. Top up balance;
  4. Order number of your wish.

Get a virtual number and make cheap calls

That is all. The process will not take much time from you. In case you face some problems that are to be solved do not be afraid to contact our technical support team – staff works round the clock and is always ready to ask your questions.