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Order virtual Chilean telephone number, because it's optimal way of being closer to local people.

Chile virtual phone numbers

When people care about their telecommunication, IP-telephony technologies have already solution for them. We provide you with virtual number for Chile for perfect connection. It’s a country of three continents. One its part is situated on the south-west side of South America mainland, second part is the possession of Oceania territory and one more part belongs to Antarctic.

Chile has very different geographical zones: deserts, valleys, archipelagoes, islands, fiords and glaciers. This territory is occupied by exceptionally mountains. Two mountain systems are in this country – Andes and Cordilleras. More than 600 volcanoes are situated in this country – it is one tenth of all volcanoes in the world. 47 of them are active and ready to explode.

Chile people can’t tell exactly about origin of their country name (one version says about form of Chile pepper). They are big patriots and proud of being born there. The principal holiday called Day of Motherland, during what local citizens drink and celebrate it everywhere they want. Chileans adore local poets and even paint their faces on banknotes, but it’s interesting that reading is not popular activity. Anyway, IP telephony is popular everywhere so you could see that.

What is VoIP numbers and working principles?

This number has calling code +56 and have a power to redirect calls, SMS and faxes to special courses, which are:

  1. IP-telephone, SIP, Skype, alternate number – for calls;
  2. URL – for SMS;
  3. E-mail – for SMS and faxes.

It’s essential to know that such numbers has a possibility to work without SIM cards or other appliances. When you need to be active and pervasive this number doesn’t tie down to physical location.

Get virtual phone number for Chile

Chile virtual numbers categorization

In order to have telephone connection with people from Chile, you may select virtual number for this state. So, for Chile we offer such services for:

  1. Calls (redirection to IP-telephone, Skype, SIP, alternative number);
  2. Fax (It’s possible to readdress incoming faxes to email);
  3. SMS (readdressing to website, email or mobile);
  4. Calls and fax/SMS and Calls: Such combined numbers are very comfortable because it’s one. Redirecting courses described above;
  5. Multichannel numbers: These numbers provide big quantity of lines for number, with such preferences they work faster and missed calls won’t be a problem anymore;
  6. Toll free 800 numbers: it’s a possibility to subscribers to make free calls to user of number.

“Strong” points of DID virtual number for Chile

Any social interrelationships in this world are possible without communication – whether it is face-to-face or virtual communication. For this reason, people use more means of communication for their personal or business purposes.

Virtual numbers belong to these means and they have such advantages:

  • You make people think you are anywhere on Earth;
  • You do not bind yourself to a certain location;
  • You save money and get profit;
  • You do not spend money on additional equipment;
  • Get more subscribers.

Virtual phone number will help you to feel what high quality connection is. These benefits are not the only ones – using virtual phone number with additional services you with discover more positive sides of IP telephony.

Buying process for Chile DID phone number

It's possible to obtain number, so read our obligatory suggestions:

  1. Set up a profile to;
  2. Get access to your personal cabinet;
  3. Make balance filled with cash;
  4. Select the necessary number;
  5. Ordering has begun!

Now you have virtual number and have an opportunity to make use of it. For making clear several points about them you can call, write to Skype or email of our supports.

Buy Chilean virtual number for Chile

Reachable Codes of Chile areas for VoIP number

Get acquainted with the following possible telephone codes for Chile. See here all presented costs:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Santiago 2 15 20 + - +
Antofagasta 55 15 20 + - +
Arica 58 15 20 + - +
Concepcion 41 15 20 + - +
Copiapo 52 15 20 + - +
Iquique 57 15 20 + - +
La Serena 51 15 20 + - -
National 44 15 20 + - -
Talca 71 15 20 + - +
Temuco 45 15 20 + - +
Valdivia 63 15 20 + - +
Valparaiso 32 15 20 + - +
CHILLAN 42 15 20 + - +
CURICO 75 15 20 + - +
LINARES 73 15 20 + - +
LOS ANDES 34 15 20 + - +
LOS ANGELES 43 15 20 + - +
OSORNO 64 15 20 + - +
OVALLE 53 15 20 + - +
PUERTO MONTT 65 15 20 + - +
QUILLOTA 33 15 20 + - +
RANCAGUA 72 15 20 + - +
SAN ANTONIO 35 15 20 + - +