Cisco expects enlargement of Internet cloud traffic to 2019

Here you may know key reasons of mobile access increasing and demand for video services.

Internet cloud trafficAccording to Cisco prediction published in tenth annual report called “Visual Networking Index, Cisco ®” in period from 2014 to 2019 world IP-traffic reaches to record index of 2 ZB*. It can happen because of global lifting of users in Internet system, electronic devices, intermachine connection, increasing of broadband access speed, expansion of advanced video services. This article will be useful and informative for everybody who's considered to be device user. 

It’s expecting that as a result of summarizing action of these factors, mid-annual augmentation of global IP-traffic will make 23% will mean maximum growth for all ten years of such predictions (last year the meaning of increase was predicted for period from 2013 to 2018 consisted of 21%).

“In 2016 annual IP-traffic size will consist of 1 ZB” - Doug Webster, vice-president of Cisco company for marketing said – “In order to reach such level we needed 32 years beginning from 1984. To 2019 according to our predictions this index will comprise 2 ZB, in other words it can be increased in 3 years”.

Key provisions from annual Cisco report

To future 2019, size of global traffic will reach to 168 EB per month (in 2014 similar index will be 59,9 EB). In 2019 world networks will pass the same size of traffic that amounts to full period of Internet existence from 1984 till the end of 2013.

Look at what will define formation of IP-traffic in following years:

  1. Growth of users amount in web network;
  2. Quantity of devices and connection quantity;
  3. Growth of fixed broadband access speed;
  4. New and advanced visual services;
  5. Cell communication development;
  6. Internet of Everything growth (IoE) and cross-machine communication;
  7. Extending of highly developed services.

* Accelerated increasing of global cloud traffic will be promoted by cloud drives, public cloud services, big density of tasks in private clouds and development of web sharing in general.

A bit about Cisco company

Cisco is world leader in a sphere of IT-technologies supporting other corporations in using of future possibilities. It proves on its own example that with connecting of unconnected stuff can help to achieve remarkable results.

Cloud traffic

Company volume of sales in 2014 financial year consisted of 47,1 billion dollars. Details about providing solutions, fresh technologies and current activities of company are always published on their official sites.

Virtual IP-telephony from Cisco reality

It’s also obvious to remember that Cisco company is big idea generator that can provide the humanity with numerous incredible technologies for instance as virtual numbers , IP telephones that guarantee highest quality of connection, well equipment and loud speaker communication.

Moreover, it’s famous for its virtual interfaces that can be called in other words as virtual PBX system. If you have an interest to it, you can write to us. Our PBX systems totally replaces ordinary slow telephony by pack of phone services such as numerous SIP accounts, free virtual numbers, IVR-menus, free internal calling, setting of personal call-center, IP address etc.

* Zettabytes

** Exabytes

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