Order virtual telephone number for Colombia

Colombian virtual phone number replace ordinary old-fashioned telephonic communication.

Get Colombia virtual numbers for calls

International provider of VoIP services Freezvon.com offers virtual numbers for Colombia. If you’re freshman in IP telephony , we’re pleased to be your leading power in this sphere. It conquers more and more countries in every corner of the world. Curiosity never kills anybody, so from this article all details presented to your attention. Feel yourself professional in there.

Creating totally new telephone system that could satisfy all needs in communication with local citizens, friends or relatives, pick virtual PBX system with all preferable conveniences as internal numbers for company members, IP address, large amount of SIP accounts, statistics of calls, IVR menu and others.

Colombia is a democratic state with a presidential form of government. State motto – Libertad y Orden and national anthem - «¡Oh, Gloria Inmarcesible!». Spanish is spoken by all the inhabitants of the country with the exception of some Indian tribes. Total in Colombia there are about 75 Indian languages surviving, but their number is decreasing every year. While traveling around the country, it is more convenient to pay with local money – cash.

Colombian virtual number and practice?

This number has code +57 and could readdress calls, SMS and fax to special courses.

All these stuff can be redirected to:

  1. SIP (calls);
  2. Skype (calls);
  3. IP-telephone (calls);
  4. Other number (calls and SMS);
  5. Email (SMS and faxes);
  6. URL (SMS).

Save money and set calls diverting to SIP or Skype – this service is for free. Redirection of calls to ordinary numbers are available for low rates. With the help of virtual telephone number for Colombia it is possible to make calls. For this you need to write a request to support team from your personal cabinet to create your SIP account from us. Then set SIP application or server and top up balance. After those steps simply make international calls.

Virtual phone number for Colombia

What types of numbers for Colombia we get?

Before making a purchase it’s obligatory to define what number you want to utilize. They are for:

  1. SMS;
  2. Calls;
  3. Fax;
  4. Calls and Fax/ SMS and Calls;
  5. Toll free 800 numbers (calling for free to user who pay them);
  6. Multichannel numbers (it has enough lines quantity for number capability).

Benefits of virtual services for Colombia usage

It is very difficult today to travel to Colombia. A lot of obligatory documents are required – not all people can manage to present financial guarantees. So to communicate with people from Colombia face to face may very interesting but not so real. To help with this we developed it for Colombia for you to keep in touch with friends, relatives or clients:

  • High quality of connection;
  • Sustainability of this number;
  • Unbounding from the location;
  • No need in special equipment;
  • Possibility to make calls;
  • Cheap prices for calls;
  • No SIM-cards are needed;
  • A lot of additional phone services available (see them here);
  • Round the clock support team.

One more benefit is that we offer you an agreement if you need documentary confirmation of our cooperation. We can send you via email all necessary documentation or via post if you need wet stamps. We try to do everything to satisfy wishes of our clients.

Buy virtual phone number for Colombia

To make a purchase of number for Colombia for calls you need to perform several instructions. To not worry to do something wrong – the procedure is very simple and not time-consuming. You need to:

  1. Register;
  2. Get access to profile;
  3. Top up balance;
  4. Order a number.

These steps are obligatory for the process of virtual number for Colombia purchase. If you do not understand something or have problems while performing registration – please, contact our support team. Staff is available twenty-four hours a day and is ready to help you.

How to get a virtual number in Colombia Buy Colombian virtual number for Colombia

Reachable area phone codes for Colombia virtual number

You will not have a possibility to receive and make calls with virtual telephone number without knowing appropriate calling codes. Look through Colombian telephone codes below:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Bogota 1 15 30 + - -
Cali 2 15 30 + - -
Cartago 221 15 30 + - -
Buga 223 15 30 + - -
Buenaventura 224 15 30 + - -
Palmira 226 15 30 + - -
Barranquilla 5 15 30 + - -
Medellin 4 15 30 + - -
Toll Free 800 10 23 + - -