Virtual numbers with conditional call forwarding service

Option permitting to control redirection of calls for virtual telephone number.

Conditional call forwarding

Conditional call forwarding is an essential part of a correct workability of a IP telephony . The tool provides a possibility to redirect VoIP calls to any chosen device, so you can be in another country and communicate over home phone. At the same time people can obtain local numbers abroad and accept calls to their cellular phones or any suitable application using IP. From this article get more details concerning this feature. Important advantage of services is its simplicity and low cost - no necessity in any special SIM-cards, equipment, but subscriber can speak twice cheaper or even for free with a good quality.

With Freezvon it’s possible to become professional user of IP telephony. There are different main and supplementary services as virtual numbers , SIP application servicing for foreign calls, supplementary services for virtual numbers. Trying to simplify communication telecom sector invented a range of solutions and options accessible for everyone. They are the following: click to call , blacklist, voicemail , call back etc. Be modern and progressive in your choices with IP-telephony services. 

What is conditional call forwarding?

Redirecting of calls is a feature due to which virtual numbers operate. With the help of numbers, which have an option of directing calls you can always be totally accessible to people you need. Calls being redirected to any device can save you time, funds and provide positive communication.

Numbers with conditional call forwarding are even more useful and convenient. In such way, readdress call according to date or time – for example, to accept calls from one person during a day to mobile, and from other person – at night to Skype or email address. Agree – it is convenient and very helpful.

How does conditional call forwarding work?

Efficiency of this function depends on your wishes and a schedule of work. Let’s imagine that using a number to talk over your office IP or fixed-line telephone during your working day. But, what to do if you don’t want to lose buyers, which can dial your office at off-hours and you still want to obtain calls to more appropriate device. No need to work late to handle with all the calls, on weekends or on holidays anymore. Such possibility as setting this diverting type will make your life easier and allow staying always in touch.

Conditional call forwarding

Also very often cross-border companies require accepting calls from English-speaking states to one phone and from Spanish-speaking countries to another one, so operators could understand which language to use.

How much does conditional call forwarding cost?

Virtual numbers with conditional call readdressing are available on our site. According to device to which call can be redirected, prices differ. If you want to readdress calls to Skype or SIP for FREE. Call redirecting to alternate number will be paid according to rates on site. Whole list of prices you can see here.

Possible redirections and their benefits

Using the service from, you have a chance to tune redirection depending on the time of a day, date, working schedule, weekends, holidays, language, or even part of the Earth etc. Your calls in definite period of time can be redirected to different devices, such as:

  1. Telephone number;
  2. SIP-application ( Zoiper , Xlite etc.);
  3. Skype;
  4. IP-telephone;
  5. Asterisk.

Besides, we allow our clients setting a special mode of voicemail , so all callers could leave voice messages in definite period of a day, if you are not able to answer. You can always listen to them on your mail, and thus, you never miss any client that guarantees your success.

*Please, specify a full list of extras available in support team 24/7. Our specialists will answer all your questions. More information about additional features you can see here.

How to order conditional call forwarding?

Interested in conditional call forwarding service? But first you have to get a virtual number. See the prices for numbers here. Simply make a few steps:

  1. Register on
  2. Fill up your account with some cash.
  3. Order the number.

Make a written request from your personal cabinet to our technical support specifying main tasks of conditional call forwarding. You can always apply to our 24-hours support team with any questions about virtual telephony services and extras. Don’t hesitate!

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