Conference call function has no limits around the world

Special additional option designated for conversation in big company of people.

Virtual number for conference callIt's the service of IP telephony that helps you to talk with several people simultaneously not depending on their location. It’s essential part of every dynamic developing company allowing spending work time efficiently. When it’s essential to keep business partners or just to contact numerous group of relatives install Conference call to virtual number and enjoy cheap and high quality level telecommunication.

As provider of VoIP services Freezvon is able to show some services that could simplify your telephone life in global way. There is special service called virtual PBX station described as collection of services like call statistics, SIP accounts, numerous virtual numbers for internal communication, IP address, free virtual number.

When we’re talking about modern technologies, it’s necessary to mention about contribution of IP telephony into world of communication. This article is dedicated to tiny part of IP telephone services called Conference call, so helpful in building of business understanding between partners from countries.

What is conference call service?

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Preferable sides of conference call feature

Here you could examine all positive preferences of using such service with virtual number:

  • The economy of costs on office telephony;
  • The number isn’t connected with particular office that’s why it’s accessible to use this service independently from location;
  • You don’t need to connect extra equipment. To work service it is necessary to have only open access to Internet.

This facility has unlimited opportunities for your business. Now in the case of need you will not have to go to business meetings as you can do them in any place. Besides, such kind of service of IP telephony can be used for organization the connection with branches of the company or workers, which are in business trips.

Buy virtual number for conference call

Using it add or delete interlocutors, connect with other conference call or hold the call. Now you don’t have to call each worker separately, speak simultaneously with them.

How can you order conference calling to virtual number?

For getting virtual number with such service Freezvon proposes to accomplish definite steps. You need to:

  1. Make a registration on;
  2. Top up your balance (taking into account the cost of additional service);
  3. Order a number from your profile;
  4. Send us a request for ordering additional service;
  5. Wait an answer from us to your email.

Order conference call in virtual office and start saving your time and money!

Buy a virtual number for Conference call

When something unclear remained it’s conceivable to clarify it as fast as it’s possible from technical department of Freezvon Company. It works all 24 hours per day so contact them via Skype, email or online livechat.