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Freezvon Company is waiting for everyone who needs to specify some information or has some difficulties in some steps of number getting and usage (registration, billing, ordering, forwarding setting etc.). Feel free to contact us anytime you have questions. Our support is available and online anytime as we work 24/7 to solve all problems the fastest than it is possible and to make your virtual number usage to be the simplest than you may even imagine. Our mailing address and contact information is above.

Contact Information Freezvon


Telephonic Solutions LLP Cornwall Buildings, 45 Newhall Street, Suite 211, Birmingham, B3 3QR Great Britain (United Kingdom)

Phone numbers:

UK : +44 800 61 015 61

US : +1 800 91 006 91

Russia : +7 495 22 326 22

Ukraine : +38 044 39 ­ 22 910


Online Live chat:

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Waiting forward for your questions at any hour and by any of communication methods. We will help you to make your wishes regarding to organisation of IP telephony be real for sure!