Purchase Croatian virtual number for work and other goals

Get virtual telephone number for Croatia to be in touch with its citizens when you out of the country.

Virtual number for calls for Croatia

Nowadays telecommunications became extremely widespread in the whole world, Croatia is not an exception. You could get telephone number from Freezvon and know more about other telephonic offers. If you’re ready, let’s go new world of IP telephony . We offer such services as virtual number , PBX station, SIP application etc. From this article, we're going to receive more about virtual number for Croatia and all its priorities. 

Freezvon will provide customers with SIP accounts, which help to make cheap calls, and freely redirect incoming calls to it. You just need to send us a request about your demand. All settings wil be sent to you from our team.

What’s Croatian virtual number and how it works?

It is a number with code +385 that works thanks to redirection of calls, sms and fax to every ways like:

  • SIP, Skype, mobile number – Calls;
  • Email – Faxes;
  • URL, email, other number – SMS messages.

No SIM-cards or wires are required to be used. If you worry about being free from location in using number – it’s about our virtual numbers. If it’s important for you to economize, you could get SIP-account, download special program and redirect calls to it. If you need to make your number shown on display of your subscriber, just get Caller ID service.

Get Croatian virtual number

Croatian virtual telephone number and its pluses in work

If you haven’t decided yet, to buy or not to buy, just learn more about number priorities:

  • You can get it via internet after connecting to our site;
  • It’s cheap and simple in utilization;
  • You won’t spend money for SIM-cards or cables;
  • Location attachment is absent with these numbers;
  • You could order any other additional services as click to call , conditional call forwarding , background music, cheap VoIP calls and many others;
  • Your work will be more flexible, stable and moneymaking.

Croatian virtual number with its types

Decide what kind of number you need the most. Freezvon offers such variants of numbers that are for:

  1. SMS (number working by redirection of text messages to email, url or mobile);
  2. Calls and SMS (number uniting two services, which has different destinations);
  3. Calls (number responsible for making and getting calls. They could be directed to Skype, SIP, IP telephone etc.);
  4. Fax ( this kind of number has option of receiving fax to email as PDF);
  5. Fax and calls (two different services, but one number and diverse destinations).

In business these numbers are in high-demand:

  1. Toll free 800 numbers – subscribers can call you without making payments, BUT you are responsible for paying fee for usage;
  2. Multichannel numbers – having lots of lines that make number functioning better without overcharging.

What to do before buying Croatian virtual number?

Do you need to know that to buy virtual phone number for Croatia is the simplest thing ever? Be sure accomplishing the next steps:

  1. Registration on Freezvon.com;
  2. Top up the balance;
  3. “Croatia” your need;
  4. Pick number;
  5. Ordering starts!

Need some help? Contact our experts from support team via live chat, Skype or email. They are accessible twenty-four hours.

How to buy a virtual number in Croatia Buy Croatian virtual number for Croatia

Available city codes, coverages and rates for Croatian virtual numbers

Learn more about codes, rates and coverage conditions of country where you will use your number:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Dubrovnik 20 15 20 + - +
Istria County 52 15 20 + - -
Osijek 31 15 20 + - +
Rijeka 51 15 20 + - +
Split 21 15 20 + - +
Virtual PRI 00 0 90 + - -
Zadar 23 15 20 + - +
Zagreb 1 15 20 + - +
Toll Free 800 10 15 + - -