DID Cyprus virtual number for making calls

IP telephony creating big choice of Cyprus virtual telephone number.

Buy Cypriot virtual number for calls

Speaking about easiness of life, IP-telephony takes care of it. Cyprus is not only for thoughtless lying on the beaches, but for serious deals too. These numbers are fabulous great solution for telephonic communication with Cyprians, but also for maintaining of serious professional business relationships with partners. Let’s see what’s the meaning of Cyprian virtual number and its strong sides in telephony world.

Installation of IP PBX system is the most widespread service that is also known as biggest package of virtual IP-services such as SIP accounts, internal numbers for colleagues communication, record of calls, monitoring of calling history and others.

Sunny, delicious and fruity Cyprus attracts tourists by various stuff they will never find anywhere else. Nobody knows exactly why Cyprus has such name, but most of citizens hold to the version about an ordinary meaning of their country – its name derives from “Kuprum” or in other words “copper”. There is an extraordinary fact about unwillingness of Cyprian people to read the books, they prefer much more the magazines, but maybe that’s connected to simplicity of lifestyle.

Cyprian VoIP numbers, working stuff

VoIP virtual number has its code +357, but looks like ordinary telephone number. Its work consists in redirection of calls, SMS, fax to necessary course (SKYPE, SIP, any other possible real number). Don’t think about getting of SIM-cards or other expensive technical equipment. Such numbers are not bound to the locations, so if you buy it for office and suddenly decide to move, be sure your VoIP number for Cyprus will work as well. For making cheap calls we recommend SIP calling service. It redirects calls with Zoiper or Xlite apps to user account freely. Look at our prices HERE.

Get virtual phone number in Cyprus

Categorization of Cyprian VoIP virtual numbers

It’s great when there is large selection of numbers. They are for:

  1. SMS which are readdressed to e-mail, SIP account, server or other alternate number;
  2. Calls which could be redirected to Skype, SIP, IP-telephone, alternate number;
  3. Calls and SMS are regulated by one single number;
  4. Fax that are readdressed in PDF to e-mail;
  5. Fax and calls are controlled by one Cyprian DID virtual number.

Businessmen always choose:

  1. Toll free 800 with free calls for possible customers to trust company product;
  2. Multichannel facilities with many lines for numbers to avoid missed calls from clients.

Strong sides of Cyprian VoIP virtual numbers

See what the reasons to get Cypriot number:

  • It’s available online to order it;
  • Low prices for purchase;
  • Great opportunities in business world;
  • Additional virtual services in open access ( Voicemail , IVR menu, click to call , black list and many others see here);
  • Opportunity to pay via Internet.

Get Cyprian DID virtual telephone number

If you made a decision about buying, try to accomplish our simple ordering rules:

  1. Register on Freezvon.com and put money to balance;
  2. Pick over the country “Cyprus”;
  3. Select the type of number;
  4. Buy DID virtual telephone number for Cyprus!

Some kind of unclear points shouldn’t bother you! Avoid having them with our technical support guys, who are like superheroes in IP telephony world.

Buy Cypriot virtual number for Cyprus

City codes and rates for Cyprus

Check out several codes for Cyprian cities, where you could have VoIP virtual numbers:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Nicosia 22 15 20 + - +
Famagusta 23 15 20 + - -
Larnaca 24 15 20 + - -
Limassol 25 15 20 + - -
Paphos 26 15 20 + - -
National 77 15 20 + - -
AMMOCHOSTOS 23 15 20 + - -
Toll Free 800 10 20 + - -