What devices are available for receiving calls?

These technical appliances could be destination for calls you want to redirect.

Devices for receiving callsVirtual telephony lets make special settings regarding to calls forwarding and accepts voice message from your subscribers to any of your choice. To make it real person needs to have virtual number . With opportunities of IP number to receive local calls being situated physically anywhere, person may receive inbound calls at work, at home, on the way to somewhere etc. Any of possible programs for receiving calls can be set in personal phone, home computer, laptop, office computer etc. We are going to consider possible applications of receiving calls, where from to download such programs and how to set the main of them.

Set only call diversion to the comfortable device and the problem with missed calls and reachability disappears. The users of virtual numbers can obtain calls on any of the following devices: phone, Skype, SIP application, IP telephone , Asterisk. As virtual telephony is used either in individual or in commercial goals, the forwarding of any kind can be chosen too.

Make redirection of calls to any device

So, except forwarding to phone that doesn't require special settings, you can also forward incoming calls to such devices:


Skype: The application is widely used all over the world and is used in virtual telephony from Freezvon.com to get free incoming calls. Main condition of such program is an access to Internet. These calls are always displayed, so it’s known who is trying to reach you. You can download Skype here http://www.skype.com/en/

All further setting will be let known after connecting a number.

SIP application

SIP applications: SIP applications have possibility not only to receive free calls, but it is also the only way for making cheap international calls. Permanent access to Internet is very important for SIP program. The company Freezvon.com offers such programs for receiving free calls as Zoiper , Xlite . How to set them up?

1. Download one of SIP applications (Zoiper, Xlite etc.). You can download from official sites here: - Zoiper: http://www.zoiper.com/en - Xlite: http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite-download

2. Open the program and go to settings;

3. Enter all setting according to SIP information provided from our company (Send request from your personal profile on our site for receiving all SIP settings);

4. Successfully use you SIP program for receiving and making calls. Find how to set SIP applications here.

IP telephone IP-telephone: Don't forget that such device is also could get calls. You just need to make settings of readdressing your calls to it. Its work is possible without long wires, it shares information via IP network. It's possible to connect it with several technical appliances as USB etc.

Telephone number Telephone number: It's possible to make your calls be received to telephone you already have. It's comfortable, setup diversion to it and enjoy telecommunication without barriers.

Redirect calls to IP telephones or Asterisk. Using these devices, accept calls every world corner at high quality. And don’t mind about charges for incoming calls, as the forwarding to this software is free.

Get virtual number with call forwarding

Get virtual number with call redirecting function

Get the number with redirection of calls to any device in any of available countries. Find out pricing for products we offer here.

To get the number, just follow these steps:

  1. Register on our site and enter to personal cabinet;
  2. Put money to balance for number purchasing;
  3. Pick country and type;
  4. Order your choice.

How to buy virtual number with call forwarding Buy virtual number with call forwarding

When the number is connected, the forwarding may be also changed whenever you need and wish. Try diverting with Freezvon.com and get assured with its profits yourself.