Payment for virtual number via Liberty Reserve system

It’s possible to order any VoIP feature via several paying services convenient for you

Connection of any feature mentioned on the website, such as a direct local phone number, for SMS messages, virtual fax or toll free are profitable investment in telecommunications infrastructure development for every company. When a subscriber prepares a written request to purchase a chosen service, he can pay for it in several different ways: by bank cards, money transfers, payment terminals or electronic money. One of such convenient payment methods is Liberty Reserve. From this article you could gain more detail concerning paying for Freezvon features.

With several payment systems, it’s possible to get such useful services as virtual PBX system that presents a package of services such as interactive IVR-menu, SIP-accounts, internal numbers for free talks, voicemail , welcoming message etc. All this bunch of options subscribers could pay using any comfortable paying system.

Purchase of VoIP number via Liberty Reserve system

Liberty Reserve is an international electronic payment system, which has plenty of advantages. You will have to pay a monthly fee for system usage including all money transfer operations, which are realized with low commission. Moreover, the system gives you an opportunity to convert money into WebMoney at a high rate and send money to a bankcard. All the above-mentioned facts demonstrate that this system becomes more and more popular nowadays, more and more customers use this service.

It takes only several minutes to register on the Liberty Reserve website without any problems for our customers. That is why each customer who has an account in the system can buy a direct local virtual number or order via Liberty Reserve.

Pay for a virtual DID number via Liberty Reserve

register on website and order number

All that you need to use this service is to register on our website and order it in your personal account by specifying a country and a city of a necessary number. It is also required to set up call divert in necessary directions where calls will be forwarded to. For example, it can be a local or a cell phone or SIP-account. It must be stressed that diverting to a particular number is charged while diverting to SIP-account is free of charge.

In order to buy our product, you need to:

  • Get registered to;
  • Fill the balance with cash;
  • Pick desired parameters;
  • Order it!

You must pay attention to this point. Having decided to use it, you should choose Liberty Reserve among other payment methods and confirm that you have received the service. A virtual phone number or any other chosen service will be activated within 24 hours after payment.

*Unfortunately, this method is closed now, but it's possible to use other ways of payment, you can see all of them here