Purchasing virtual phone number with PayPal system

Comfortable and trouble less payment system for Freezvon phone services

Buy number with PayPalWe live in time of cross-border trade and communication, frequent international travels. Besides, everyone has friends, relatives or other contacts abroad. Thus makes a question of international communication to be of current interest. Entering foreign markets or doing business in another country needs providing partners with direct contacts, preferably local numbers. It improves a corporate image and a trust of buyers and associates. But do you need to maintain an office in this country? Virtual telephony allows to have a virtual number everywhere with redirecting to any your device (telephone, Skype, etc.). So you may answer the calls in any location and save a lot on administrative costs (hold the only international call center and make/get cheap or even free international calls). Obtain virtual number via PayPal and enjoy telecommunication.

Freezvon Company provides an opportunity to get a number in any state. But how may clients pay for it? PayPal renders the most reliable and secure mean of payment for VoIP number. It is one of the biggest debit electronic online paying systems, which gives a possibility to reckon for telephone services and products online, send/receive money etc. Today PayPal system operates in 190 countries and provides security for shopping and money orders. Resource use is free.

PayPal system: life becomes easier

All payments are fulfilled using a secure connection. Simply enter your e-mail and password specified in account confirmation in order to make a transaction. Safeness and confidentiality of transactions are guaranteed while using a special account on PayPal. Specify a four digit code for identification of a card owner who has access to it. Than funds are transferred to the account. 

PayPal is a popular payment method for goods and services purchases worldwide, that is why a quantity of active users and companies grows constantly. The key advantages of using PayPal are:

  • a possibility to transfer funds instantly and make payments over the Inet;
  • guaranteed security of all payments and owner’s information;
  • no need to enter bank card info every time.

Moreover, the organization has a status of a bank in the USA and EU. It meets the most banking standards. 

Registration does not take much time. The resource is going to be very useful now and in future (for example, for shopping on eBay, Amazon, etc.). We trust it, that is why any account owner can buy a direct VoIP number with additional options easily.

Get the number paying with PayPal 

Buy number paying with PayPal

Paying with PayPal for any service is very easy and comfortable. Order and enjoy a VoIP-telephony to make your business or a private life better. You may familiarize with prices for numbers  here  . All you need to get the number is to make the following three steps:

  1. Register on Freezvon.com.
  2. Fill up your account on the website using PayPal.
  3. Order the number from the cabinet.

Moreover, our customers may order additional functionality, especially popular among biz:

  • multichannel lines (for avoiding busy lines);
  • PBX (office solutions);
  • greeting subscribers (for example, a short presentation of a company for callers);
  • voicemail (listen to unanswered calls);
  • IVR (phone menu);
  • blacklist/whitelist (prioritize incoming calls and block undesirable ones);
  • click-to-call (calls from a website free for the both sides);
  • send/bulk SMS (directly from your profile);
  • conversation recording (for further analysis and control);
  • etc.

A virtual phone number or any other service will be attached within 24 hours after payment confirmation. Freezvon.com support team is always happy to help you 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact a company operator, who can always clarify all your questions and tell about our telephone services.