Direct Inward Dialing or DID number: principles and work

Possibility and opportunities of DID virtual phone numbers are interminable thanks to Freezvon

did numberIn telecommunication and IP telephony it’s widely used the term a “DID number”, but people really understand what it is and how to operate with this term, where to use, we call your attention to get to know what the term of DID is and what connection is between a number and virtual IP telephony. You will also get to know how DID number may be useful for business and private usage, all convenient sides of this number, and also detailed instruction how it is possible to obtain necessary number. Let’s start with DID number definition.

Our company presents not only numbers, but some supplementary functions and apps which could ameliorate telecommunication. When subscriber wants to make calls as well, it's possible to create SIP-account, set up redirection of calls to it and at the same time to make cheap calls to abroad at low local rates. Try all possibilities of VoIP technologies now!  

What is DID number?

DID or Direct Inward Dialing number – is the landline number in any country and city offered by telecom companies, that is programmed on forwarding to VoIP device, computer or local (mobile) phone. As, it is clear, DID number (or in other words virtual number) works thanks to call forwarding . Sometimes it is aldo called DDI number .

did number works

Different providers offer different ways of its forwarding. offers a possibility to set forwarding to landline (mobile) phone, Skype, SIP, IP telephones, PBX, Asterisk, IAX. So, there is a possibility to accept calls to the most comfortable devices no matter you are either company unit, or individual person.

Convenience of DID number usage

With such DID number either person or company guarantees to have stable work of telephone connection, possibility not to bind the number to certain place of location. Person may redirect calls to the most comfortable device that can be with him/her all the time and don’t worry of setting up special equipment that may be so expansive and hard to set up. Fixed phone,cell phone, Skype, SIP device on computer or mobile – are such redirections that are possible to connect for everyone. For company usage phone calls may be redirected to company’s server, PBX, Asterisk. So, it’s the same – no additional charges. So, making conclusions, we may pick out such benefits of DID number as:

  • stable work of numbers;
  • perfect connection quality;
  • huge choice of available numbers in 90 foreign countries;
  • working without binding to number location and special equipment;
  • different call forwarding destinations accessible to set up;
  • free redirection to SIP and Skype;
  • free SIP account from Freezvon with possibility of receiving and making calls;
  • cheap international calls;
  • possibility of internal redirection of calls between employees;
  • additional phone services.

With DID number each of company’s employees may get each own individual number and it doesn’t require separate telephone line for each of them. Such a way, it simplifies separating and managing of telephone connection.

Extra services for your DID number

Virtual numbers due to VoiP-technology open new spaces for individuals and businesses. Moreover, modern level of telephony development makes a lot of useful options possible for customer communication:

  • IVR-menu (permits callers to manage a voice menu and select a necessary operator or a department pushing appropriate buttons);
  • greeting message (is what subscriber hears first, it can be a short company presentation, working schedule, etc.);
  • holding music (allows callers to enjoy pleasant music instead of silence when put on hold, besides, it is proven, that the tool helps to keep customers on the line longer);
  • voice mail (is turned on when your phone is unanswered, so you can listen to all the messages on the email);
  • conditional call forwarding (automatic changing of calls redirection depending on such circumstances as time, origin of the caller etc.);
  • recording of call affairs (helps to control you operators work);
  • real time reporting (get reports about all incoming and outgoing calls with a necessary additional data);
  • click-to-call (allow your website visitors to speak with you directly from the site);
  • callback (take care about customers’ costs, so they could order calls, which are incoming and free for both sides);
  • conference call (very useful implement for companies which have several offices or branches);
  • blacklist (simply block undesired callers);
  • whitelist (helps to prioritize your customers and partners when several calls are on hold);
  • send/bulk SMS (owning a number for SMS you can easily bulk them with your latest news or special offers).

Do not worry about complexity of the options – Freezvon Company specialists are always glad to help you in choosing appropriate DID number and extra services, so you can contact us 24/7 in any convenient way.

Obtain a DID number with Freezvon

Get the DID number in any country and set call forwarding to the most comfortable device. All available countries that are ready for connection and their prices you may find out here. DID number can be bought in three steps:

  1. Registration on
  2. Filling up the balance.
  3. Ordering the number via personal profile.
  4. Setting up forwarding.

In order to use additional phone services, please, make a written request from you profile. DID number and other options will be connected during 24 hours or less, so, the process is very fast and easy.