Get voicemail service with virtual phone number

Voice mail is the service of telephony connection that allows calling subscriber to leave voice message that can be listened to later. In fact it looks like traditional voice mail wildly used in fixed communication network. When your phone is busy, turned off, out of connection access or doesn’t answer, all calls will be switched to the number of your mail box. The calling person will be proposed to record his/her voice message for you that you can listen to.

Advantages of voice mail

  • you don’t miss any of incoming calls;
  •  the messages with information about missing calls are sent  to your voice mail;
  • you can check the receipt of new messages or listen to the old messages;
  • you can choose the reason of forwarding (busy, inaccessible, no answer etc.).

Voice mail is very comfortable additional service that prevents your company from missing calls. You will know about all your clients' tries to call you and thus you will be able to recall them in any comfortable for you time that saves every important client.

How can you order this service?

You need to:

- make a registration here,

- top up your balance (taking into account the cost of additional service),

- order a number from your profile,

- send us a request for ordering additional service,

- wait an answer from us to your email.

Buy a virtual number with voicemail service