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What are the advantages of using our service?

  • Personal manager and online support services available via Skype, live chat, email or phone 24/7.
  • We have been operating on the IP telephony market for more than 5 years.
  • Our clients are from all over the world. Different Internet shops, call centers and companies signed the contract with us.
  • You and your personal information will be protected by a reliable Security System.
  • Constant monitoring of service.
  • Individual approach to each client - our support team will be glad to fulfill all your wishes.
  • International coverage and directions.
  • Our services will help your business to develop actively.

How it works?

Freezvon offers several types of phone numbers on our website. They are for calls, SMS, fax, toll free and multichannel numbers. Here you may buy a virtual number and then choose needed forwarding destination according to your choice.

These are such destinations for calls as:

  • SIP: your calls go to any SIP-application (Zoiper or X-lite) installed to your device. To set this forwarding you need to enter your SIP for ex: login@domain or IP. If you have SIP-account registered on our site write its login in destination field. If you do not have SIP-account, just get a virtual number and receive it for free or send a request to our support manager;
  • Phone number: your calls will go to your mobile or landline number. This forwarding is always paid. If you set forwarding to mobile, you need to enter it in international format without + or 00.

*Forwarding for toll free phone numbers is always paid.

There are such forwarding destinations for SMS as:

  • Email: your messages come to your email. This is free forwarding. Please, enter your email for receiving SMS;
  • URL: SMS will be forwarded to URL of your website. This is also free. For setting this forwarding enter your URL;
  • Phone number: when you set forwarding to mobile, you need to enter it in international format without + or 00. This is paid forwarding destination.

Forwarding destination for fax is the following:

  • Email: your faxes go to your email in PDF format only for free. To set this forwarding, just enter an email for receiving fax messages.

Free DID number is a phone number that you can get for free, but before you need to top up a balance for $30 and spend this money for this number usage or buying other phone numbers and services.

Besides various numbers, our company offers you additional services for your virtual number as voicemail, call recording, call history, conditional call forwarding, blacklist, hold music, greeting message. Send us a request in order to get one of them, our manager will connect it.

Before ordering your number, please, check up on the next information:

  • Virtual numbers for SMS can receive SMS messages only from real numbers. Not all mobile operators guarantee receiving SMS from internet-based services.
    For receiving SMS from payment systems, social networks, Internet services, etc., are suitable only Ukrainian and Russian mobile numbers.
  • To connect some numbers you'll be requested to provide documents. Here you can see the list of countries for which documents are required
  • Before using SMS service you should check who can send SMS messages to your virtual number (See the list of countries on our site) Also, notice that you can't use your number for verification in any kind of Internet services (such as: banking, social networks, Internet shops etc.)
  • To avoid any illegal usage of virtual numbers our company use: anti-fraud filters, anti-flood filter, anti-spam filter and monitoring system.
  • Make sure that you carefelly studied our Terms and Conditions before making order or recharging your balance.
  • To connect all the numbers, the user will be requested with contact information of the end-user. Without providing and confirmation requested contact information - activation of the number is not possible.