Egypt virtual number for calling communication

Usage of virtual telephone number for Egypt makes communication with citizens excellent.

Virtual phone number for Egypt

IP telephony cares about Egyptians and shows them the easiest method of passing the info without several unnecessary appliances. VoIP phone number for Egypt gives simplicity and conviction that your messages will be obtained and read, your calls will be answered. You will talk to your Egyptian friends or relatives with the thought you’re an advanced winner in the competitions of telephonic talks. Anyway, some of us don’t realize what Egypt virtual numbers are. presents various choices of services from IP telephony sphere. One of them is called virtual IP PBX system. It unites different IP services as limitless SIP-accounts, own IP address, internal virtual numbers, voicemenu and others. Connection costs 86 dollars, next months are 49 dollars.

In spite of the fact that the biggest half of Egypt is covered by desert, people who are living there need to keep the contact somehow with exterior world. This the most ancient nation lives so long time on the earth, they invented combs, antibiotics, cosmetics, ink, deodorant, paper, keys, scissors and so on. However, they didn’t care about the way of talking. Doubtless, paper is great invention, but when you write on it, then buy stamps and envelope… It takes so much time, isn’t it?

What is Egyptian virtual number and the way of its work?

Number for Egypt is the kind of fixed or mobile number that works by redirection of calls, sms and fax to the destination course you have chosen. Having such number you don’t have to buy Egyptian sim-card or another technical appliance, forget about them. Having such kind of number, know about Egyptian code +20, without it the dialing is not possible. For business you may set up multichannel numbers or toll free 800 that are more favorable for consumers.

Get virtual phone number in Egypt

Variety of virtual numbers from Freezvon

Find for taste the number necessary for you:

  1. Calls – corded or cell number that get calls or Skype, SIP, other number;
  2. Sms – getting sms to website, email etc.;
  3. Calls and sms – the numbers for calls and sms;
  4. Fax – getting fax written messages to your e-mail in PDF;
  5. Fax and sms – one number for both fax and sms;
  6. Multichannel numbers – it has many lines for telecommunication work;
  7. Toll free DID numbers – for subscribers' calls will be free.

Pros of using Egyptian virtual numbers

You can see that in Egypt you can admire not only hot sunny weather or sky-blue colour of the sea, but the high level of communication.

The preferences in usage of virtual number in Egypt are:

  • In fast way of ordering the VoIP telephone service. You may buy it online being in another country;
  • People who are calling to you from abroad could pay with local tariffs;
  • Low prices and quality are in priorities;
  • Possibility of having SIP account and redirect your calls to it for free (you can see what is SIP HERE);
  • If you are interested in evolution of business add to your number some other services such as Voicemail , call back, click to call , IVR menu and other.

Algorithm of ordering Egyptian virtual number:

Don’t be afraid of the word “algorithm”, because it’s simpler than you think:

  1. Set up on our site and top up the balance;
  2. Select “Egypt” in the list;
  3. Choose the appropriate type of number and the city;
  4. Order your number now!

Who asks, always receives the answer. Our 24 hours support team is open for your items. We care for your prosperity and success all the time.

How to buy a virtual number in Egypt Buy Egyptian virtual number for Egypt

Area codes and coverage for virtual Egyptian number

This piece of information would be helpful for those, who are interested in buying virtual number for Egypt:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Cairo 02 0 0 - - -
Alexandria 03 20 26 - - -
Mobile xx 31 31 + - -
Toll Free 800 40 160 - - -